The Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) is the national body which has affiliate associations in each state of Australia. If you live in Australia you need to join one of the FAA's member associations or if you live outside of Australia you can join the FAA directly.

Membership Benefits

  • Quarterly FAA Journal with astrological articles and news from across Australia
    (applies to overseas members with a digital subscription only)
  • Discount for FAA International Conferences
    (applies to overseas members)
  • Ability to apply and undertake the FAA Exams to achieve a Diploma of Astrology (FAA) that is your first step towards professional accreditation as an astrologer
    (applies to overseas members – and you must be an FAA member to undertake the FAA Exams)
  • State Association news updates that keep you informed of astrological events, meetings, workshops and seminars **
  • Entry to Association meetings at member rates **
  • Member rates for workshops and seminars **

** Each Australian State Association has their own rules in relation to these items and it is at their discretion if overseas members are entitled to these benefits

Membership Associations

Click here to see a list of member associations and contact points. To be a member you only need an interest in astrology. Membership of your State Association means that you are also an affiliated Member of the Federation of Australian Astrologers Inc. (FAA Inc.).

FAA Journal

The FAA Journal is published four times a year and is our main publication for astrology articles, items of interest and a roundup of affiliate association affairs.