Astro*Synthesis at the Chiron Centre


Astro*Synthesis welcomes our international guests, all our speakers, our conference participants and the support staff to our host city of Melbourne and hopes everyone has a fulfilling and exhilarating learning experience with like-minded colleagues.

Please drop by and visit us at the Trade Fair where we will have our complete range of student booklets, CD’s and astrological learning materials.

Astro*Synthesis student publications will be available in booklets or PDF format; here are a few examples ….

The Four Elements: Psychological Type and Astrology
Intimate Others: The Astrology of the 7th and 8th Houses
Soul Mates: The Houses of Relationship
Simple Chart Calculation (including Southern Tables)
An Astrological Guide to a Fulfilling Vocation
Planets in Retrograde
The Family Portrait: Family Systems and Astrology
Family Systems II: The Astrology of Brothers and Sisters
Understanding Transits: Planetary Life Cycles and Phases
NEW Anima Mundi: An Introduction to Mundane Astrology

Chiron and the Healing JourneyYou are invited to a CHAMPAGNE BOOK SIGNING with Melanie Reinhart
celebrating the re-release of her popular classics:
Chiron and the Healing Journey and
Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs: To the Edge and Beyond

Hephaestus TempleOdyssey Tours to Ancient Greece
Educational Tours to the Sacred Sites of Ancient Greece
Pick up our new itinerary for our tour to the sacred sites of Ancient Greece

Astro*Synthesis has a wide range of CD’s for sale plus a comprehensive distance learning program

For information on all our astrological services, including Astro*Synthesis publications, CD’s and reports, Solar Fire astrological software, seminars and distance education please visit our website:


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