Julie’s Heavenly Jewellery

Julie’s Heavenly Jewellery

Unique designs based on ageless mysticism and astrological lore creating a personal signature of your life and energy.

This piece represents a Scorpio balanced by a Taurus Moon
with a gift in communication

web of lifeIndividually crafted to personalize your vibration into a tangible and beautiful adornment for your body that resonates with your energy field so you feel aligned with your inner power and resources.

This piece represents the Web of Life;
a Mayan symbol for the centre of the Galaxy

cosmic trinity

Cosmic Trinity with chakra stones


Aries with communication skills,
Emerald to open heart chakra
9ct gold on Sterling Silver


Venus combined with Pluto in 9ct gold
Gemstones for balance and wisdom

20% Discount on all orders at Conference


Why not let me re-create your old jewellery into a new and exciting up-to-date piece that you will enjoy wearing?

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Mobile: 0408 181 906

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