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Every child born into the world is an individual because no one was born in exactly the same place, at exactly the same time. The position of the Sun in the sky at the moment of birth shows which zodiac sign the child is born under, and can be any one of twelve.

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The My Star Sign Books have been specifically designed for children – to encourage them to read and learn about astrology, themselves, and their family and friends.

taurusMy Star Sign Books offer single books in each of the 12 star signs, and a boxed set with all 12 star signs books.

This little reader will tell you lots more about yourself. You will discover what you might be good at when you grow up, what your good points are, and those that are not so good!

The books are easy to read and very informative for children with an interest in astrology and themselves!

About the author

Maureen MaloyMaureen Maloy is a qualified Primary School Teacher who has had a lifelong interest in astrology. She holds a Practitioner’s Diploma, is an accredited Horary Craftsman, and an Astrological Consultant. She is a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers in Australia. and a former committee member of the Astrology Association of NSW. She was a co-convenor of the 2008 Astrology Conference at the University of Sydney.

Maureen is absolutely passionate about both astrology and literacy and sees the study of metaphysical subjects as an essential part of a child’s holistic education. She believes that children should be offered a wide range of reading materials with topics that will stimulate and intrigue them to learn more and to develop their powers of discrimination.

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