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Post-Conference Workshops

Monday 23rd January 2012
10:00am – 4:30pm: Post Conference Workshops with Demetra George or Deborah Houlding or Jane Ridder-Patrick

Demetra George: – Asteroid Goddesses: Sacred Sites and Spiritual Teachings
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Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the publication of Asteroid Goddesses, this visual pilgrimage will take us on a journey to the sacred sites of Ceres, Pallas Athena, Juno, and Vesta in Greece and Italy. Learn about their mystery initiations and secret symbolism. Going beyond their mundane and psychological meanings in the natal chart, we will discuss how their esoteric teachings can help us to walk a spiritual path.

Deborah Houlding: Electional Astrology: How to get it right
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Electional astrology allows us to look ahead and select the ideal moment to undertake something important or begin something new. But it offers much more because electional charts have an intriguing ability to expose the strengths and weaknesses in our plans.

This workshop fully explains the technique of electional astrology, looking first at its philosophical basis, and the most important sources, and then demonstrating its usefulness through a number of fascinating case histories. The focus is given to the themes which remain most relevant and popular with modern clients. Electional Astrology can be notoriously complex, especially when it is properly matched up to the nativity; but instead of an endless list of complicated factors to consider, you will be provided with clear guiding principles and a tried and trusted method of approach that allows you to immediately apply the most valuable and reliable techniques. From electing for marriages to picking the times for professional launches, the techniques learned in this workshop will also prove invaluable for solidifying principles that are useful in horary, synastry and natal work too. This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience. You will be provided with a full set of notes to take away after the event.

Jane Ridder-Patrick: Symptom as Symbol: Hearing the Call of the Body and Soul
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Symptoms are communications of the soul. They speak in riddles that can be unravelled to reveal the messages of the still quiet voice within that constantly prompts us about the way forward out of stuck places into a fuller life. When we listen up in time much suffering can be avoided. Using case studies and our own charts, together with a variety of techniques from transpersonal psychology, the deeper meaning and healing potential of our symptoms will become clear.