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Pre-Conference Workshops

Wednesday 18th January 2012
10am – 4.30pm: Pre-Conference Workshop with Robert Hand

Robert Hand Workshop – FULL.
Thank you for your interest in the workshop; however we are now completely full.

Thursday 19th January 2012
10am – 4.30pm: Pre-Conference Workshops with Dr. Ben Dykes or Melanie Reinhart or Michael Lutin

Robert Hand: Dealing with Difficult Chart Combinations
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It is not enough to tell clients that they can overcome difficult combinations by free will. We need to provide strategies and concrete behavioural suggestions as to what to do. Each planet and combination has modes of living in which the energies of the planets can be made to work positively. Often the problem is that the individual has either 1) not thought of an appropriate alternative way of living or 2) has been brought up not to recognize its possibility. This workshop will use the charts of the attendees to demonstrate the methods which are drawn from both modern and traditional astrology.

Ben Dykes: The Distribution of Times: Traditional Directions and Transits
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Distributing or directing through the bounds (or “terms”) is an ancient and important but little understood predictive method. In this lecture we will learn the vocabulary of distributors, partners, and releasers, and apply this technique to numerous natal (and possibly solar return) charts. We will combine distributions with transits, revolutions, and profections, and also see how distribution is related to traditional longevity techniques.

Melanie Reinhart: Soul Time: Chiron Transits as Rites of Passage
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The timing and process of Chiron transits call us onward in our journey of awakening and healing, opening us to deeper dimensions of understanding through addressing and releasing areas of inner suffering. Chiron’s cycle is just over 50 years long, and so those born during the 1960s will have their Chiron return during its current transit through Pisces (2010- 2019). This workshop will explore the particular qualities of Chiron’s healing process with reference to both Chiron’s return and also how its timing echoes the process of previous transits from other planets. We will take examples from the group (optional).

Michael Lutin: The Four Levels of Horoscope Interpretation
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In dissecting a horoscope it’s way too shallow to simply translate astrological meanings, as magical as they are. Each particle of the horoscope describes not only your personality and childhood, but reveals the historical time in which you were born, your ethnic and religious past, your spiritual makeup and most important, the ways in which those influences create all the relationships in your life. This workshop will show you how to yank all those elements right off the page and into your soul.