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Happy New Year everyone and hopefully your preparations for the conference are going smoothly; a week today we will have begun. The future that was two years ago when we started planning the conference is now nearly the present. And as the conference approaches the time seems to speed up. So it will be no time until we are all in Melbourne at University College for what I imagine will not only be a quantum learning experience but a marvellous interactive social experience with people who share your language of astrology.

Registrations are now closed. We have reached our target capacity for the conference and no more conference tickets are available. The Pub night on Saturday is also full as is Deborah Houlding’s workshop. We have set a target to endeavour to create a sense of space for your best possible experience. Now we keep our fingers crossed that all will run as smoothly as possible.

The Victorian Astrologers Association and the Federation of Australian Astrologers are the sponsors of the conference. Due to insurance and registration requirements it is necessary for all conference delegates to be members of the FAA so please ensure that your membership is current. If you have not become a member it will be necessary to join on finalising your registration. The FAA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting astrology for all levels of interest and application. As a non-profit organization, the conference workers on the registration desk, the room monitors and all our helpers are all volunteers. This is the 19th international conference the FAA has sponsored and the organisation continues to strive to offer structure, coherence and a meeting place for astrology and astrologers.

Many of you will be at the pre-conference workshop with Robert Hand on the 18th at the Abbotsford Convent. Others will enjoy the pre-conference workshops on Thursday. However, I would invite those of you who can to come to our ‘official’ opening at 1.05 pm on Thursday. Then we will have an address at 4.50 pm with Robert Hand followed by the cocktail party.

Upon registration you will receive your conference bag and program. Those of you who have registered for the extras (the lunches, cocktail party and pub night) will have this listed on the back of your nametag; therefore it will be important to have this on you at all times. Those who have bought individual tickets for lunch etc. will have a separate card for these events. Your nametag will be necessary for entry into the lectures as well.

For delegates who may need to contact the conference please note these two mobile phone numbers:
BARBARA THORP – 0417 534 436
GLENNYS LAWTON – 0433 575 988

Lectures will be filled on a first-come basis. While we have endeavoured to plan the room allocation as best as possible we cannot guarantee that seats will always be available, as the rooms will range in size from 25 – 125! Therefore arrive early to the lecture if you do not want to be disappointed.

Our conference ends on Sunday; however there will be post-conference workshops on Monday. At 6.39 that evening the New Moon ushers in the Chinese New Year of the Dragon.

Chinese New Year of the Dragon

And finally Melbourne weather! We say we can have four seasons in a day and lately we have been having exactly that. Long range forecast is that it will be hot on the 17th and 18th but then it stays around the minimum of 17 and the maximum of 28C. Cloud, some rain, so pack an umbrella and expect unpredictable weather.

All that seems left now is to enjoy your time. Looking forward to meeting you,

Brian Clark

Brian Clark

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