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Trade Fair

Welcome to the 2012 FAA International Conference Trade Fair.
The Trade Fair will be open from Friday January 20 at 8 am until Sunday January 22 at 5 pm. Opening hours each day will be from 8 am – 6 pm.

We are pleased to announce that many of Australia’s most creative and resourceful businesses, schools and organisations will be exhibiting their innovative and educational products at the trade fair, as well as being on site to answer all your questions about what’s on offer.

Please come along and see ….


Welcome to the launch of the Zodiac Conference Bookshop, our own book store run by the FAA for its members.
We will endeavour to stock all our speaker’s books; the classics and new releases that will ease the book fever that strikes all astrological enthusiasts

Kerry Galea
Astrology, Palmistry and Ancient Moon Gardening

Kerry will be at the Trade Display showcasing her Ancient Moon Gardening Almanac, and is also available for insightful Palmistry Readings.

Ancient Moon Gardening is ancient knowledge for beautiful and productive gardens. If you want to have beautiful lush gardens, increase crop productivity, save money when plantings survive, and do it all easily then visit to find out how to use the ancient technique of Moon gardening for days to plant, prune, harvest, feed and weed. This is for everybody from the enthusiastic amateur to the serious crop producer. When you are in harmony with the Moon; you can do less, you can accomplish more, and your garden thrives.

Visit Kerry’s Astrology & Palmistry website: http://www.kerrygalea.com
Visit Kerry’s Ancient Moon Gardening website: http://www.ancientmoongardening.com

Click here to see Kerry Galea’s Trade Fair page

Nikki Worth
Astrology and Handcrafts

AstroSense Astrology
Pick up a copy of Nikki’s informative and educational DVD “The History of Astrology”, a 60 minute visual presentation of Astrology’s rich history. This is a fascinating and colourful exploration of History first released in January 2010 — for the astrologer, historian and the curious at heart.
Visit Nikki’s astrology website – http://www.astrosense.net

Handmade by Nikki Worth
Nikki also makes beautiful handcrafted brooches and accessories. Give yourself a treat or buy one as a gift. Created from beautiful beads and fabrics eg. retro and oriental cottons, vintage kimono, also designer silks and rich brocades.
Visit Nikki’s handcrafts website – http://www.nikkiworth.com

Click here to see Nikki Worth’s Trade Fair page

Stephanie Johnston, Dieni van Strahlen, and Nicky Allison at

We are proud of our uniquely Australian software, the leading astrological software in our global community
Click here to see Solar Fire’s Trade Fair page

Janet Menefy at

Astro Essences are astrologically designed here in Australia and used in the same way as flower remedies, a complementary tool for all astrologers.
Click here to see Astro Essence’s Trade Fair page

Howard and Therese Errey at

Specialising in rare and out of print astrology and related books, Solar Heart Books will have the lost book you’re looking for.

Peter Burns at

If you’re interested in learning horary astrology, financial astrology or palmistry or have a reading based on these disciplines, be sure to visit Peter at the Trade Fair
Click here to see the AMBROSIA SCHOOL of ASTROLOGY and PALMISTRY Trade Fair page

Julie Day at

For the most attractive necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and the perfect presents inspired by astrological symbols and designed by an astrologer, stop by to see Julie
Click here to see Julie’s Heavenly Jewellery Trade Fair page

Julija Simas and Nick Owens from the

Astrologers on a Mission. Raising awareness to the contribution astrology makes to conscious global evolution. Visit our stall to find out more about our Reports, Mission and Network or invest in a great C*I*A T-Shirt, badge, pendant, DVD or special cosmic jool. Show your support and get with it!

Click here to see the C*I*A’s Trade Fair page

Brian Clark and Glennys Lawton at

Drop by to see our full range of publications, books, cards and CD’s and learning tools for the astrological student and practitioner
Click here to see the Astro*Synthesis Trade Fair page

Joy Usher and Mari Garcia at

We offer astrological education for beginners and professionals. Our Certificate, Diploma and Traditional Astrology courses cater to all levels and Master Classes cover specific topics. Attendance in person or online via Skype. Meet us at the Trade Fair or look us up at http://www.astromundi.com

Maureen Maloy at

The My Star Sign Books have been specifically designed for children – to encourage them to read and learn about astrology, themselves, and their family and friends. My Star Sign Books offer single books in each of the 12 star signs, and a boxed set with all 12 star signs books.
Visit the My Star Sign Books website: http://www.mystarsignbooks.com.au
Click here to see the My Star Sign Books page

Gerry Taylor-Wood at

GRAIL HAVEN pure spring water and 38 flower essences which vibrationally connect with the planets will be available. Guided by dreams and visions this hand bottled water and essences support your health and soul’s evolution.
Visit the Grail Haven website: http://www.grailhaven.com


Promoting Quality Astrological workshops, Mercurial Connections school of Astrology, Steven Forrest Apprentice Program Australia & Europe & 2 day seminar Demetra George – Sydney January 2012.
Astrology Books, Australian Bush Flower Products, Quality Crystal Jewellery & decorative candles

Visit the Mercurial Connections website: http://www.mercurialconnections.com.au