Trade Fair Stalls

Trade Fair Stalls

Below are some of our stallholders for the 2014 FAA Conference Trade Fair.
(More information about our stallholders can be found under the Trade Fair link at the top of the page.)

Come and say hello to Kate Grieve from The Wilderness Society

The Wilderness Society

Unique Tasmanian gifts and quality products. By shopping with The Wilderness Society, you are helping in their crucial work to preserve and protect Tasmania’s remaining wild places.

Click here to go to the Wilderness Society’s website

Come and say hello to Stephanie Johnston, Dieni van Strahlen, and Nicky Allison from ESOTERIC TECHNOLOGIES and SOLAR FIRE SOFTWARE

ESOTERIC TECHNOLOGIES and SOLAR FIRE SOFTWAREWe are proud of our uniquely Australian software, the leading astrological software in our global community

Click here to view Esoteric Technologies’ Trade Fair page

Meet Mari Garcia and Joy Usher from ASTRO MUNDI

Astro MundiAstro Mundi offers astrological education to the beginner and the professional with an emphasis on astrological excellence.

Click here to view the Astro Mundi Trade Fair page

Meet Glennys Lawton and Brian Clark from ASTRO*SYNTHESIS


Astro*Synthesis supports the FAA’s vision for a united and vibrant astrological community. Ask us about our in depth distance learning program leading to the Diploma in Applied Astrology.

Click here to go to the Astro*Synthesis website

Meet Michele Finey from CELESTIAL INSIGHT

Celestial Insight

The Sacred Dance of Venus and MarsAt Celestial Insight Michele Finey will be signing copies of her recent book, The Sacred Dance of Venus and Mars. You can also pick up a copy of a wonderful new astrology calendar for 2014! Students will be able to access information on mentoring and sign up for the free monthly e-bulletin, INsight.

Click here to go to the Celestial Insight website

Meet Thomas Muldoon from ASTRONUMBERS


AstroNumbers/Thomas Muldoon will be providing a range of eBooks for sale via download and other services at discount prices to those attending the conference.

Looking forward to meeting friends ‘old and new’ in 2014.

Click here to go to the AstroNumbers website


Ambrosia Academy of Astrology

Peter offers astrological education from the foundation level, to the professional levels of horary and natal astrology. Webinars, DVDs, books correspondence courses and workshops.

Click here to go to the Ambrosia Academy of Astrology website


Astrological Jewellery

For unique and specialised jewellery individually created in my workshop.
The designs are based on ageless mysticism and astrological lore that resonate with your soul purpose.

Click here to go to Julie’s Heavenly Jewellery website

Meet Julija Simas from Cosmic Intelligence Agency

Cosmic Intelligence Agency

The C.I.A. will be offering merchandise for Cosmic Intelligence Agency, T-Shirts and jewellery

Click here to go to the C.I.A. website


Howard Errey secondhand astrology books

Howard Errey will offer secondhand astrology books

Come and have a chat and feel free to browse from a range of second hand and hard to find astrology books.

Meet Janet Woodward from ASTROLOGY BOX

Astrology Box

Astrology tools for Astrologers.

Astrologybox is a complete astrology kit comprising:

  • A Zodiac
  • A set of Planets

And it’s packaged in an easy to carry shoulder bag.
For the professional astrologer, teacher, student or enthusiast.

Bring your astrology sessions and teaching practice to life with Astrologybox!

Click here to go to the Astrology Box website

Meet Noelle & Susan from the ZODIAC CONFERENCE BOOKSHOP

Zodiac Conference Bookshop

The Zodiac Conference Bookshop will have available all the speaker’s published titles … many that speakers will refer to in their lectures and workshops, and some second-hand and bargain titles as well. We will also arrange speaker book signings!

Come and talk to Janice Hogg from Cosmic Order

Gorgeous 2014 Gratitude diaries and wall calendars — giving thanks every day. PLUS astrological jewellery, crystals and essential oil blends to celebrate and honour the planetary energies in your life.

Come and talk to Janet Menefy from Astro Essences

Astro Essences

These 24 Astro Essences offer a doorway into the particular vibrational energies of the Sun and Moon in each of the 12 signs of the zodiac – useful as a practitioner’s tool or for those individuals wanting a richer experience of themselves.

Come and talk to Lyndall McQuinn from Shamanic Astrology


Peruse Lyndall’s publications on Shamanic Astrology, Lunar Astrology, Astrological Circuits, Wisdom in Wheels – Astrology, and ritual and Tarot. Courses are also available.


Come and talk to Aysem Aksoy from Aysem Aksoy – Birth Chart Painting

Aysem Aksoy

Aysem Aksoy is an astrologer and artist from Turkey. She paints astrological, symbological and mythological paintings since 2000. Her expertise is especially painting personal birth charts.