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The 2016 Conference will be held at the Women’s College at Sydney University.

This was the location of the 2008 FAA Conference ‘Pluto into Capricorn’. The location allows for five streams of lectures, great food, accessible outside spaces, economical accommodation that includes breakfast, easy access by public transport, parking onsite, and close by. The Women’s College has been very welcoming and are looking forward to helping us with the event.

Please refer to the Venue/Accommodation page for more information

Please refer to the Conference Tickets & Costs page for pricing

Yes we do.

All conference registrations include a non-refundable deposit of $125 and workshops a $30 non-refundable fee. The balance of fees is refundable up until 55 days before the conference commences.

55 – 31 days prior to the conference – 75% of fees will be refunded

30 – 16 days prior to the conference – 50% of fees will be refunded

15 – 0 days prior to the conference – no fees will be refunded

The 2-day ticket includes lectures, lunch and afternoon and morning tea for two days of the conference, and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies (if on an attending day).

The international speakers are:
Lynn Bell, Frank Clifford, Dr Benjamin Dykes, Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum, Mark Jones, and Michael Lutin.

See more on the Conference Workshops page.

Here are the days for the Workshops:

Pre-Conference Workshops: Thursday 21st January 2016
Post-Conference Workshops: Monday 25th January 2016

View more information on the Conference Workshops page.

Pre and Post-Conference Workshops cost $170 each

The short answer is NO. As all material is copyright to the respective speakers we do not allow any recording of any type.

Yes, there will. All the lectures (excluding Workshops) will be recorded and made available to purchase after the Conference. More details will be available to delegates after registration.

You book accommodation when you register for the Conference. A minimum of 3 nights is required.

If you have previously registered and wish to add a Workshop or extra accommodation, please use the contact form and let us know what extras you require.

NO. You don’t have to bring a towel. This is just like hotel accommodation.

We have provided a list of alternative accommodation places for you to contact. Please view the Alternative Accommodation page for more information.

Yes. We have a lot of information on the Venue/Accommodation page about how to travel to the Conference.

Also, from the 1st of January, travel on all NSW Public Transport requires you to have an Opal card. For information about the Opal card, please visit their website: www.opal.com.au

Western Avenue Car park is the closest. Daytime casual parking rates (6am–3pm, Monday to Friday) apply during semesters. Camperdown campuses $24 flat rate (valid to 6am on the next morning).

Evening and weekend casual parking rates (3pm–6am, Monday to Friday; 6am Saturday to 6am Monday)
$6 flat rate (valid to following 6am only)
$2 hourly rate (to maximum $6)

Campus map: http://sydney.edu.au/maps/campuses/?area=CAMDAR

The Sydney Harbour Cruise is on Saturday 23rd January 2016 and is included in the Conference PLUS ticket. It includes a drinks package, transport and entertainment. You can read more information on the Sydney Harbour Cruise page.

Yes, we will have a Trade Fair at the 2016 Conference. More information can be found on the Trade Fair Information page.

All stalls have now been booked and will be added to the Trade Fair Stands page shortly.

Keep up-to-date by going to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FAAInternationalAstrologyConference/

We are in the process of working out the stall costs. Information will be posted on our Facebook page and on the Trade Fair Information page when the costs are calculated.

Yes, you can advertise in the Conference Program. Please go to the Advertising page for more information and advertising costs.

Have a look at the Official Sydney website at http://www.sydney.com/ where you’ll find things to do, events, and a whole lot more!

Or check the City of Sydney – What’s On page for information, including theatre, festivals, major events and other highlights.

The Sydney Festival is on from the 7 – 26 January.

And there’ll be BIG celebrations on Australia Day in Sydney on Jan 26. See more at the Australia Day website!

Yes. From the 1st of January travel on all NSW Public Transport requires you to have an Opal card. Please visit www.opal.com.au for more information.

Please visit www.opal.com.au for more information

Check out King Street, Newtown NSW which is walking distance from the Women’s College.
Have a look at this page: Restaurants, bars, shops and events in Newtown:

And even more information about Newtown

Yes. Please use the image below on your website …

21st International FAA Astrology Conference 2016

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Yes – we hope you find the following links useful:

TravelSECURE – Australian airport security information

Australian Customs Service – Information for travellers

Department of Immigration and Citizenship – Visas

Bureau of Meteorology – Sydney weather forecast

XE.com – Currency exchange rate calculator

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World Clock

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