Come along and see some of Australia’s most creative and resourceful businesses exhibiting their innovative and educational products at the 2016 FAA Astrology Conference Trade Fair. They will be on-site to answer all your questions about what’s on offer.

The Trade Fair is now fully booked. If you are interested in joining a waiting list for a place please contact us in case we have a cancellation. Click on the links below to view the Trade Fair Stands.


For unique jewellery individually created by Julie Day, the Creative Astrologer.

Trade Fair Stands AstroCreative

If you want a signature of your essence then let me create a personal piece of jewellery that captures your vibration! It will resonate with your energy field and be a tangible and beautiful adornment that will be aligned with your inner power and you will want to wear time and time again.

My designs are based on ageless mysticism and astrological lore that enhances the beauty of the spirit within. Natural gemstones are my speciality as they add their own special colour and energy whether as a necklace or set in a medallion.

You can choose to have your piece made in Gold or Sterling Silver, and a combination of both can be very attractive.


Astro Essences

Astro Essences are vibrational healing remedies – uplift, attune or re-settle your energy, body, mind and emotions.

Trade Fair Stands Astro Essences

Each Astro Essence has the unique energy ‘signature’ of the astrological sun or moon in a different sign of the zodiac. Astro Essences function as a vibrational medium that can uplift, attune or re-settle one’s energy body, mind and emotions and open a doorway to deeper inner wisdom and healing processes.

Astro Essences came into being through the fortuitous collaboration of Janet Menefy as Consulting Astrologer with Tanmaya of Himalayan Flower Enhancers. The most vibrationally intense time for the sun or moon moving through each sign of the zodiac during one year were identified and embodied, and through attunement and ceremony, that unique vibration was captured as each Mother Astro Essence.

Astro Essences are water-based (using some alcohol as a preservative), non-perfumed and safe to take internally or use externally. Visit our Trade Fair Stand or website for more information on the different essences and how to use them.



Astrology tools for Astrologers. Astrologybox is a complete astrology kit!


Astrologybox is a complete astrology kit comprising

  • A Zodiac – individually hand painted (batiked) onto light and hardwearing fabric
  • A set of Planets – 12 planetary symbols made from light and durable Perspex in 12 different & attractive colours
  • Packaged in an easy to carry shoulder bag

Bring your astrology sessions and teaching practice to life with Astrologybox. For the professional astrologer, teacher, student or enthusiast. Transit Sets, Tree of Life batik and Chakra Banner also available. Great gift ideas!


Celestial Insight

At Celestial Insight you can pick up a copy of Michele Finey’s fantastic new 2016 astrology calendar.

Trade Fair Stands Celestial Insight

Visit the Celestial Insight Trade Fair Stand and pick up a copy of Michele Finey’s 2016 astrology calendar. Suitable for new students and professional astrologers, it features a beautiful new design, stunning images and 32 pages of data and analysis for the year ahead.

Michele will also have her books for sale and a range of quality second hand books and her hand-made gift cards.


Cosmic Intelligence Agency

The C.I.A. will be offering merchandise for Cosmic Intelligence Agency, t-shirts, jewellery and accessories

Trade Fair Stands Cosmic Intelligence Agency

Visit the C.I.A. Trade Fair Stand and browse through a variety of astrology items, including t-shirts, jewellery and accessories. The C.I.A. also have a shop located at 1606 High St, Glen Iris, 3146, Melbourne, Australia.

Great gift ideas!


Esoteric Technologies

Our reputation is in creating accurate and dynamic software solutions. Our software evolves with your needs.

Trade Fair Stands Esoteric Technologies

Solar Fire is a well-established best seller with 25 years programming. We were first on the market for Windows and have gained years of experience that we are ready to share with our wonderful astrological community. Solar Fire is truly international and a team of expert astrologers and software developers continue to work to ensure that your astrology software needs are met.

Esoteric Technologies continues to work on cutting-edge astrology calculations and interpretations with the Astro Gold apps for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.

You can also find Stephanie’s professional astrology expertise with online-reports and consultations at Seeing With Stars astrology.

If you want to put astrological calculations on your own website you can also utilise the new Stars Webservice.


Goodies Gems

We have a large selection of rare crystals, essential oils, candles, statues, incense and many other gift items.

Trade Fair Stands Goodies Gems

Goodies Gems is family owned business, established 10 years ago and hosts one of Sydney’s largest selection of crystal jewellery set in sterling silver.

We have a large selection of rare crystals, essential oils, candles, statues, incense and many other gift items. Goodies Gems is one of the few stockists of Orgone Power Pendants which help you feel energised and healed spiritually.

Thank you, and May you find your Bliss!

Sulabh and Reema Jain


School of Traditional Astrology

The School of Traditional Astrology (STA) specialises in training horary astrology practitioners.

Trade Fair Stands School of Traditional Astrology

The School of Traditional Astrology (STA) specialises in training horary astrology practitioners. Its educational focus is the integration of traditional astrological principles within contemporary astrological practice.

Founded by Deborah Houlding, the school offers practitioner’s level accreditation in horary through attendance at classes, residential intensives or interactive online presentations. Since 1996 courses have been delivered at venues as far afield as Australia, Bali, England, France, Hawaii, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Scotland, Tasmania and the USA. Our horary course is currently available in English, Dutch, and will be offered to Chinese language students in spring 2016.

The school also offers advanced “master’s level” accreditation for tutors and astrologers specialising in horary, through a three-year correspondence course leading to the astrological qualification STA DipH.


Shamanic Astrology

Buy astrology books and tarot decks

Trade Fair Stands Shamanic Astrology

Visit Lyndall McQuinn’s Shamanic Astrology Trade Fair Stand, where you can pick up tarot decks, and astrology books. Lyndall has lots of new Tarot decks for Christmas including the beautiful Tarot Illumanti, Tarot by Nicoletta Ceccoli and the latest tarot by Lo Scarabeo, the Barbieri.

Lyndall’s books include Shamanic Astrology / Personal Planets, The Magic of Tarot – Beginning to Read, and Astrological Circuits.


Stellium Light

The constant change of the Moon has been the inspiration for our 2016 Moon Calendar.

Trade Fair Stands Stellium Light

The 2016 Moon Calendar was designed for you to plan your days and get in tune with the influence of the Moon on your emotions.

It shows the voyage of the Moon through the Zodiac, Lunar Phases and Eclipses. Offers positive guidance for each month’s sign to set up your Visions under the New Moon. With original artwork and insightful messages each month. Plus when Mercury is retrograde. Tailored for times in Australia and proudly printed in Australia. Guidance on the collective energies of the Moon signs. Plus stickers to personalise it to map your emotions with the Moon to make the most of each month in 2016.

The 2016 Moon Calendar has been written and painted by Cecilia Lugo-Anderson, a consulting astrologer, writer and artist inspired by the Zodiac. Call Cecilia on 0438 131 629.


Zodiac Bookshop

Need a book? We’ve got you covered!

Trade Fair Stands Zodiac Bookshop

The Zodiac Conference Bookshop will have many of the speaker’s published titles available .. our speakers will refer to a lot of these titles in their lectures and workshops. We’ll also have some second-hand and bargain titles on hand as well.

We will also arrange speaker book signings!