22nd FAA Astrology Conference

January 18 – 21, 2018

Conference Program

2018 FAA astrology conference logo

Melbourne, Australia

Transforming the Tradition
Towards an Intelligent Fusion of Past and Present


Thank you to everyone, delegates, speakers, committee members and volunteers for contributing to making the 22nd International FAA Astrology Conference such a great success.

We both hope that you have returned safely home from your Melbourne Experience at the conference and feel that you belong to an international network of astrology practitioners, students and enthusiasts across the globe.

Once again our appreciation and thanks for your support.

2018 FAA Astrology Conference Barb Thorp Brian Clark

Barbara Thorp and Brian Clark, Conference Conveners

barb thorp brian clark younger before astrology 384x206

Barbara Thorp and Brian Clark, Conference Conveners, BA (Before Astrology)

The Melbourne Experience: An Astrological Guide to the Wonders of Melbourne

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FAA Conference Speakers

International speakers include Verena Bachmann from Switzerland, Wade Caves from the USA, Frank Clifford from the UK, Demetra George from the USA, Ryuji Kagami from Japan, Jupiter Lai from Hong Kong, Michael Lutin from the USA and Christof Niederwieser from Germany, alongside our top quality Australian astrologers, Jessica Adams, Jill Amery, Narelle Duncan, Michele Finey, Mari Garcia, Bob Hunter, Charles Jameson, Terry MacKinnell, Charyn McLean, (Sagari) Janet Menefy, Joanne Madeline Moore, Cindy Naunton, Christine Rothwell, Anne Shotter, Kira Sutherland and Ed Tamplin.