2018 FAA Conference Speaker Anne Shotter

Astrologer Anne Shotter

Anne Shotter has been passionately involved with Tarot as a consultant and teacher for over 25 years. She has studied many other modalities including astrology, psychology, archetypes, hypnotherapy and past life regression. She incorporates this learning into her work with Tarot.

Anne is the founding and current president of The Tarot Guild of Australia and has presented at many conferences both in Australia and overseas.


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Tarot as Horary: Using the Cards as if it were the Astrology of the Moment

Both Tarot and Astrology are divinatory processes which can be revealing partners. When using the evocative images of the Tarot with the symbolic framework of astrology we can explore our own and client’s questions in the moment. Using twelve cards we will lay out the astrological wheel which then leads us through the cyclical stage to a resolution of our answer, or if not a resolution, a profound amplification of what is in question.