2018 FAA Conference Speaker Bob Hunter

Bob Hunter

Bob Hunter began studying Astrology in the late 1980’s… and has never stopped! He has presented lectures and workshops (“The Rise of the Feminine”, “Mayans, Mayhem and Maya”, “Prometheus Then and Now”, “The Rulers of the Soul” and “Uranus, Neptune and the birth of the Internet”), written a blog – “Across the Universe” and led regular Astrology Classes at The Leonis School, Belrose (www.leonis.org). He is a current member of both AANSW and SARS. Away from things astrological Bob is also a practicing Meditation and Movements Teacher and an aspiring author, currently part way through a book on the evolution of consciousness titled I Am – The Enigma of Being Human.


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The Essence within the Form: Searching for common threads within Astrology’s many systems and techniques

The modern follower of astrology is confronted by a sometimes bewildering array of systems, styles and techniques, both ancient and new. And today technology has made these diverse streams of astrological theory and practice accessible at the push of a button. From asteroids to ayanamsa, from horary to the humanistic and from Chaldean to Chinese, astrological pathways twist and turn, crossing over, converging and occasionally colliding. The result is a melting pot of approaches and views of the cosmos, seen through different lenses. So is there a common thread, or threads, central to all? Is there a unifying principle? This presentation will explore some of the elusive qualities of astrology and attempt to shed light on the essence within the form(s).