2018 FAA Conference Speaker Christine Rothwell

Christine Rothwell

Christine Rothwell is a member of the APA and an Accredited Astrology Teacher. She currently teaches a four year course in Astrology from an in-depth mythological and psychological perspective.

Christine’s work is influenced by an interest in mythology and archetypal psychology, as well as training in meditation, counselling, psychotherapy and family therapy. Her special areas of interest are deepening awareness of the feminine points and combining spiritual and psychological perspectives.

Website: http://www.christine-rothwell.com


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Working with Saturn (an extended lecture and experiential process)

Saturn tends to be seen as a difficult planetary energy, but an encounter with this archetype can be productive as well as challenging. In this lecture Christine shares her understanding of Saturn developed over her years as a practising astrologer. We will explore the soul challenges that Saturn presents to us and look at productive ways of working with the archetype, both in the natal chart and by transit. Following the lecture presentation we will enter a reflective, contemplative and interactive space to explore the Saturn archetype in our horoscope and our own experience.