2018 FAA Conference Speaker Cindy Naunton

Cindy Naunton

Cindy Naunton is a practicing traditional astrologer and an accredited teacher with the FAA with over 25 years experience in her field. While teaching and consulting is the main focus of her practice, she has also written, lectured and given radio interviews. In past years Cindy served as President, Secretary and National Councillor for the FAA (WA). Cindy achieved her Diploma in Medieval Astrology from Robert Zoller in 2005. Since that time her interests and expertise in traditional methods has expanded to become her exclusive focus.

During 1994 her interest in history drew her to study traditional methods as translations became available. This led her to understand that the role of an astrologer is not just to tell people what may happen, but to bring awareness to their challenges, which in turn can facilitate a shift in consciousness. Such guidance may help achieve a better, more positive outcome.

Website: www.cindynaunton.com


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Plasticity of the Planets

Planets considered to be ‘challenged’ traditionally are often a cause of discouragement, both to a client and an astrologer alike. They present difficulties to delineate in a positive manner. As many charts have this scenario what can be offered to rectify this planetary challenge? Is it possible to achieve a better outcome, rather than become the victim of a planetary position? This is particularly relevant when such ‘challenged’ planets impact on long term relationships through House 7. Considering the changes in some lives that have been brought about by understanding the plasticity of the brain, is it possible that we could apply the same principle to planets and turn our challenges into victories? By breaking free of our restrictions through an ascent in consciousness we may experience a rewarding and life-altering experience. We may discover within the gift of our birth data, a window of opportunity for an enriched life.

Solar Return Secrets

A Solar Return chart is a powerful tool for annual delineation. It is set for the exact date and time each year when the Sun returns to its natal position. This derived chart becomes a useful guide for the focus and direction life will take during the following twelve month period. Traditional methods link this simultaneously to the natal chart to give clear pointers to the highlights and potential in any given year. Add to this the possibility that several times throughout life a Solar Eclipse may fall on the degree of the natal Sun. In this case, the Solar Return chart reveals how and where the new energy boosted by the power of both luminaries will manifest. Such a powerful amplification of solar energy released over that year can bring great opportunities, personal insight and a new direction in life.