The 22nd International Conference will be a memorable journey into participating in the transition and transformation of our tradition. Our theme Transforming the Tradition is a tribute to the ongoing process of integrating astrology’s time-honoured tradition with contemporary practice. Therefore this conference is dedicated to respecting the divisions in our tradition, not as separations or splits, but as representative of the diversity and breadth of astrological application and its unified capacity for marking out the human condition.

Traditional versus Modern Astrology has reverberated throughout the practice of astrology for the past two decades. With the translations of primary texts, reclamation of ancient methods and more awareness of our history, modern astrology has often been represented as lacking or incomplete by traditionalists. Yet modern astrology has significantly developed the art of consultation, extended its application into new areas and contributed significant new techniques to astrological practice. A major astrological download has taken place.

The intention of the conference is to create a learning environment to support an intelligent synthesis of past and present philosophies, procedures and practice. To this extent we have asked our speakers to participate in celebrating the diversity and coherence of our tradition. Therefore we look forward to not just creating a conference, but an experience of belonging to an ancient tradition that is continually evolving.

We will move through the traditional ways that spoke of good and evil daimons to Horary and Electional Astrology, from Ayurvedic medicine to Decumbiture, from Mundane to the mandalas in the Red Book and from the conventional to the radical. We hope you will join us for our celebration of the transformation of our tradition.

All lectures will be classified in order to help you make your choice. We have endeavoured to try and bring together the eclectic presentations under 12 signposts as follows:

  • Archetypal – applying universal images, symbols and concepts to astrological practice
  • Electional – considering the right time
  • Forecasting– seeing ahead to patterns and possibilities
  • History – chronicling our past traditions
  • Horary – considering an answer, given the time of a question
  • Mundane – assessing collective and global events, trends and cycles
  • Natal – focusing on the birth chart using traditional or modern ways of thinking
  • New Frontiers – on the cutting edge of change or the precipice of chaos
  • Psychological – participating with mindfulness, respecting the soul and acknowledging the unconscious
  • Relationships – exploring the nature of human interaction through polarity, chart comparison, synastry, combined or group horoscopes
  • Special Interest – unique insights and distinctive ways to reflect astrologically
  • Techne – using traditional or modern techniques to amplify our understanding

Archetypal – applying universal images, symbols and concepts to astrological practice

Saving the Dying God: Jung’s Red Book and Astrology with Ryuji Kagami
Astrologers in modern times are faced with a difficult dilemma. How do we justify our astrological thinking in this disenchanted cosmos? Jung has been one of a few thinkers who have struggled with this dilemma and tried to give it a viable solution. In his Red Book, we can find his strategy as a form of mythical vision. In this lecture we will investigate the Red Book and its astrological symbolism.

Working with Saturn (an extended lecture and experiential process) with Christine Rothwell
Saturn tends to be seen as a difficult planetary energy, but an encounter with this archetype can be productive as well as challenging. In this lecture Christine shares her understanding of Saturn developed over her years as a practising astrologer. We will explore the soul challenges that Saturn presents to us and look at productive ways of working with the archetype, both in the natal chart and by transit. Following the lecture presentation we will enter a reflective, contemplative and interactive space to explore the Saturn archetype in our horoscope and our own experience.

Reclaiming the Self – Timing Psyche’s Rites of Initiation through Transits and Progressions with Charyn McLean
Difficult situations, confusion, feelings of loss, and challenging experiences provide the impetus for individuals to seek a therapist– be it an astrologer, counsellor, psychologist or other professional. One of the goals of therapy is to support the individual, peeling back the layers of the ‘false Self’ to allow the ‘true Self’ to emerge and flourish. The astrological chart provides an insight into the potential for personal transformation. Exploring astrological archetypes and mythology assists our clients in creating and embracing their own, deeply personal rites of passage on the journey to reclaiming their authenticity.

Electional – considering the right time

Electing With Purpose: Radicality in Electional Astrology with Wade Caves
Electing is an art that is practiced widely in the modern astrological community, but rarely with the degree of precision achievable by practicing astrologers. With radical elections, the astrologer enters a person-centred electional process that properly exploits the power and purpose of their client’s natal chart. Using modern and historical chart examples learn how to give your election a strong foundation in this presentation. The techniques are simple and straightforward and, once understood, will better equip every astrologer in their practice. This presentation is suitable and warmly encouraged for astrologers at all levels, especially those who currently use electional astrology and are looking for ways to sharpen their technique.

The Consultation Chart: A Tool for Working Astrologers with Frank Clifford
Set up for the exact moment a consultation begins, the Consultation Chart reveals the *real* reasons behind a client’s visit and contains information about their past and present circumstances, as well as future possibilities. Starting a consultation with it can help to break the ice and gain a client’s trust. Join Frank to learn how to use and decode a remarkable tool that reminds us that every moment is fascinating and full of meaning.