The 22nd International Conference will be a memorable journey into participating in the transition and transformation of our tradition. Our theme Transforming the Tradition is a tribute to the ongoing process of integrating astrology’s time-honoured tradition with contemporary practice. Therefore this conference is dedicated to respecting the divisions in our tradition, not as separations or splits, but as representative of the diversity and breadth of astrological application and its unified capacity for marking out the human condition.

Traditional versus Modern Astrology has reverberated throughout the practice of astrology for the past two decades. With the translations of primary texts, reclamation of ancient methods and more awareness of our history, modern astrology has often been represented as lacking or incomplete by traditionalists. Yet modern astrology has significantly developed the art of consultation, extended its application into new areas and contributed significant new techniques to astrological practice. A major astrological download has taken place.

The intention of the conference is to create a learning environment to support an intelligent synthesis of past and present philosophies, procedures and practice. To this extent we have asked our speakers to participate in celebrating the diversity and coherence of our tradition. Therefore we look forward to not just creating a conference, but an experience of belonging to an ancient tradition that is continually evolving.

We will move through the traditional ways that spoke of good and evil daimons to Horary and Electional Astrology, from Ayurvedic medicine to Decumbiture, from Mundane to the mandalas in the Red Book and from the conventional to the radical. We hope you will join us for our celebration of the transformation of our tradition.

All lectures will be classified in order to help you make your choice. We have endeavoured to try and bring together the eclectic presentations under 12 signposts as follows:

  • Archetypal – applying universal images, symbols and concepts to astrological practice
  • Electional – considering the right time
  • Forecasting– seeing ahead to patterns and possibilities
  • History – chronicling our past traditions
  • Horary – considering an answer, given the time of a question
  • Mundane – assessing collective and global events, trends and cycles
  • Natal – focusing on the birth chart using traditional or modern ways of thinking
  • New Frontiers – on the cutting edge of change or the precipice of chaos
  • Psychological – participating with mindfulness, respecting the soul and acknowledging the unconscious
  • Relationships – exploring the nature of human interaction through polarity, chart comparison, synastry, combined or group horoscopes
  • Special Interest – unique insights and distinctive ways to reflect astrologically
  • Techne – using traditional or modern techniques to amplify our understanding

Archetypal – applying universal images, symbols and concepts to astrological practice

Saving the Dying God: Jung’s Red Book and Astrology with Ryuji Kagami
Astrologers in modern times are faced with a difficult dilemma. How do we justify our astrological thinking in this disenchanted cosmos? Jung has been one of a few thinkers who have struggled with this dilemma and tried to give it a viable solution. In his Red Book, we can find his strategy as a form of mythical vision. In this lecture we will investigate the Red Book and its astrological symbolism.

Working with Saturn (an extended lecture and experiential process) with Christine Rothwell
Saturn tends to be seen as a difficult planetary energy, but an encounter with this archetype can be productive as well as challenging. In this lecture Christine shares her understanding of Saturn developed over her years as a practising astrologer. We will explore the soul challenges that Saturn presents to us and look at productive ways of working with the archetype, both in the natal chart and by transit. Following the lecture presentation we will enter a reflective, contemplative and interactive space to explore the Saturn archetype in our horoscope and our own experience.

Reclaiming the Self – Timing Psyche’s Rites of Initiation through Transits and Progressions with Charyn McLean
Difficult situations, confusion, feelings of loss, and challenging experiences provide the impetus for individuals to seek a therapist– be it an astrologer, counsellor, psychologist or other professional. One of the goals of therapy is to support the individual, peeling back the layers of the ‘false Self’ to allow the ‘true Self’ to emerge and flourish. The astrological chart provides an insight into the potential for personal transformation. Exploring astrological archetypes and mythology assists our clients in creating and embracing their own, deeply personal rites of passage on the journey to reclaiming their authenticity.

Electional – considering the right time

Electing With Purpose: Radicality in Electional Astrology with Wade Caves
Electing is an art that is practiced widely in the modern astrological community, but rarely with the degree of precision achievable by practicing astrologers. With radical elections, the astrologer enters a person-centred electional process that properly exploits the power and purpose of their client’s natal chart. Using modern and historical chart examples learn how to give your election a strong foundation in this presentation. The techniques are simple and straightforward and, once understood, will better equip every astrologer in their practice. This presentation is suitable and warmly encouraged for astrologers at all levels, especially those who currently use electional astrology and are looking for ways to sharpen their technique.

The Consultation Chart: A Tool for Working Astrologers with Frank Clifford
Set up for the exact moment a consultation begins, the Consultation Chart reveals the *real* reasons behind a client’s visit and contains information about their past and present circumstances, as well as future possibilities. Starting a consultation with it can help to break the ice and gain a client’s trust. Join Frank to learn how to use and decode a remarkable tool that reminds us that every moment is fascinating and full of meaning.

Forecasting – seeing ahead to patterns and possibilities

Solar Return Secrets with Cindy Naunton
A Solar Return chart is a powerful tool for annual delineation. It is set for the exact date and time each year when the Sun returns to its natal position. This derived chart becomes a useful guide for the focus and direction life will take during the following twelve month period. Traditional methods link this simultaneously to the natal chart to give clear pointers to the highlights and potential in any given year. Add to this the possibility that several times throughout life a Solar Eclipse may fall on the degree of the natal Sun. In this case, the Solar Return chart reveals how and where the new energy boosted by the power of both luminaries will manifest. Such a powerful amplification of solar energy released over that year can bring great opportunities, personal insight and a new direction in life.

The Cycles of Reproduction and the Times of Fertility with Kira Sutherland
Astrology has been used to predict events, explain personality traits and in medical astrology to show its influence over our health. Medical astrology can also be used to look at fertility and all that surrounds the journey to having children. So what does astrology have to teach us about fertility, conception and birth? This lecture will look at the natal chart and the transits that help to influence pregnancy, fertility and conception, as well as choosing optimum days astrologically to enhance these processes. Join Kira for an affirmative side to medical astrology where we look at the possible creation of families, rather than the inherited ailments our families have bestowed on us.

The Time of Your Life with Mari Garcia
Ever wondered why some transits are more powerful than others? Why some individuals cruise through them and others suffer? Firdaria, a traditional method of planetary periods, can give us extraordinary insight into the quality of time in individual periods of a person’s life and combining this with other predictive techniques we can create a three-dimensional view of a person’s possible experiences. Let Mari introduce you to an essential tool for the predictive astrologer.

When the Whole World Goes South in 2018: The Value of Planetary Nodes in Mundane and Personal Synthesis and Prediction (Extended Lecture) with Michael Lutin
The outer planets make sure whatever you were doing, you are not doing it any more. Personal evolution is an adventure, but it’s not designed to be comfortable. In this lecture we will be looking at these times, focusing on Pluto as it crosses its own planetary Node. Last time witnessed the rise of Hitler and the crash of the stock market, tipping the balance of all world alliances and economies. But the real kicker is how does it slam into your private life? And what about your money and resources? And your alliances?

The Use of Planetary Directions, Progressions and Transits in Spotting Lifetime Themes with Michael Lutin
Over time the tradition of astrology has developed many divinatory systems to look at moments or epochs in time. But which techniques are the most effective and when? What combinations of these methods work best? In this lecture we will look at how the right combination of planetary directions, progressions, and transits can be most effective for revealing the patterns and questions of our life. Find new insights and inspirations with some of the old traditions.

Never Launch Anything at a New Moon! New Ways to Explore the Lunar Cycle with Frank Clifford
As astrologers, we are familiar with the four main Moon phases that complete the monthly lunar cycle, but these also play out as ‘Moon families’ at nine-month intervals. Known as the Lunar Gestation Cycle, pioneered by Dietrech Pessin, this is a simple and effective timing tool for planning our lives. Join Frank as he shares insights into a method that can be used to manage work projects, observe relationship patterns and identify major storylines as they unfold. (Attendees will receive a handout to help plan their own agenda.)

History – chronicling our past traditions

Astrology, Divination and the Oracle Speakers with Demetra George
Divination comes from the Latin words which mean to foretell the future by means of spiritual agencies. Astrology, as both a science and art, draws the inspiration that informs the astrologer from the lineage of ancient prophets and oracle-speakers. This image-rich presentation will document the history and practices of the historic Sibyls and oracular priestesses from Asia Minor, Greece, and Italy who were the predecessors of astrological divination.

Astrology in Japan: From Esoteric Buddhism to Cuteness “Kawaii” Culture with Ryuji Kagami
Western astrology has taken firm root in Japan. Nearly every Japanese individual knows his or her Sun Sign and there are many Western-orientated astrologers in Japan. Western astrology has become part of our culture. How have we (Japanese) imported and accepted it? Has Western astrology transformed in Japan? A media astrologer will explain the reception and adaptation process of Western astrology in his homeland.

Who Buried Sex? The Archaeology of Astrology with Demetra George
Journey through time into the fundamental meanings of astrological symbols by sifting through the artefacts buried in the texts at various levels of historical eras. Discover how some of the basic meanings survive unchanged, some are lost, others adapted and transformed, and still others innovated which then become part of the tradition that is passed on. Unearth when and how sex meandered from the 5th to the 7th and finally into the 8th house of death. Join Demetra for an insightful inquiry into the reconstruction of our tradition.

Horary – considering an answer, given the time of a question

Like Clockwork: Timing in Horary Astrology with Wade Caves
Horary textbooks cover a lot of theoretical ground, but few really draw out the mechanics involved in assessing cycles to create a solid timeline of events. What techniques are consistently recorded? Are they all equally reliable? Is there a more straightforward approach that can be taken when timing horary figures? This presentation analyses modern and historical horary charts to demonstrate an organic approach to timing that underlines the ongoing cycles speaking to us in horary consultation. This presentation will be suitable for all, irrespective of experience using horary astrology.

The Horary Astrologer’s Guide to Decumbiture with Wade Caves
Historically, astrology and natural philosophy formed the cornerstone of medicine. Through decumbiture charts, astrologers assessed the true root of an illness, identified its severity and also its cure, while forecasting the cycle of critical periods. Decumbiture charts are judged very similarly to horary figures, with a few unique techniques. This presentation explores the basics of humour theory, the use of decumbiture charts through historical and modern chart examples, and the doctrine of sympathy and antipathy in determining cause of illness and the path to treatment.

To Buy or Not to Buy – That is the Question with Jupiter Lai
Investment, business and property matters are some of the most frequently asked horary questions: Should I buy this property? Should I make this investment? Will this business bring me profit? In a business deal, it is important to see whether it will be traded at a good price, the condition of the property or the prospect of the business. In this lecture, we will identify the significators and explore the traditional aphorisms on judging such matters. We will also use modern cases as examples to see how to apply traditional rules to modern scenarios.

Mundane – assessing collective and global events, trends and cycles

The Mandala of Mundane with Ed Tamplin
Forecasting world trends and predicting national and international events is an exquisite art form, reliant upon multitudinous factors. The palette of mundane techniques requires prioritizing and patterning in order to be truly effective. It is infinitely more than analysis of national charts, which differ wildly in both their objectives and efficiency. It is also cycles upon cycles interwoven with history. Wandering through the maze of mundane can be either thoroughly confusing or joyously creative. The mandala of mundane provides perception and perspective in a clear and inspirational astrological outline.

Saturn and Lilith in Capricorn: Authority and Structures in Times of Change with Verena Bachmann
A shift in our perception of authority was apparent with the Uranus – Pluto conjunction in the 1960’s. It was this seed impulse that led to big shifts in our society. With Pluto entering Capricorn and its square to Uranus, the old structures broke apart; then with the Saturn – Neptune square, boundaries dissolved. With Saturn and Lilith in Capricorn we can no longer deny these substantial changes, neither can we go back to the old way. We are challenged in this time to find a new vision of authority and structure that can contain and sustain our deeply-changed world. In this lecture we will look at what is, and what is possible.

Natal – focusing on the birth chart using traditional or modern ways of thinking

Good & Bad Fortune with Mari Garcia
The idea of good and bad spirits has always been part of human cosmology and belief. But good and bad spirits have also been used to describe those influences that either help us on our journey through life or distract or hinder us from our goals. This lecture will look at the astrological indicators in the natal chart of the good spirit or patronage which helps the individual succeed in life as well as the bad spirit or enemies and circumstance which undermine the individual’s efforts and affect outcomes.

What Career Suits Me Best? with Narelle Duncan
In this “how to” session we’ll hone in on key houses and signature traits in the natal chart that help reveal innate talents and gifts that serve you well in your career. Applying this understanding can help reveal a vocation that can bring much satisfaction and help you fulfil your soul potential. The possibilities are endless for helping clients, friends, children, or young adults starting out in their career pursuits. We’ll even use predictive techniques to know when a change in career direction is required.

The Ascendant and Midheaven in Combination with Frank Clifford
The Ascendant speaks of our open agenda and how we interact, while the Midheaven has links to self-actualization, reputation and taking a place in our community. Together, they reveal how we engage in life and the social roles we adopt. But those with Taurus rising, for instance, will take different routes depending on whether Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces is on the MC. Join Frank as he explores many of the 38 possible ASC–MC combinations.

New Frontiers – on the cutting edge of change or the precipice of chaos

The Quindecile (165 degrees) – a Key Aspect of Obsession, Compulsion, Disruption and Separation with Jill Amery
As astrologers, we could well ask: “why do we need yet another aspect to work with?” The quindecile is an aspect of 165 degrees, symbolising “a burning point of focus, an anchored preoccupation that won’t go away, and obsessive-compulsive needs that can result in upset, upheaval and separation” (Tyl). The quindecile “defines something that overrides common sense, that puts life out of balance, and drives the entire life to play out the energies symbolised. You cannot escape the planets involved” (Munkasey). Jill’s talk will explore this amazing aspect in the horoscopes of several famous individuals.

Reality, Astrology and New Science with Jessica Adams
The new science tells us that we choose to live in any one of countless parallel universes. Just deciding to look at a horoscope decides which kind of universe you’ll end up in! If you want a new reality, maybe it’s time to change your astrology. Can you really sack one house system and use another? How does the new wave of asteroids, reclassified planets and Trans-Neptunian objects radically change the way you experience your life? This talk will include some real-time experiments with astrology and reality. Bring an open mind.

The Future of Astrology with Michele Finey
The more we study astrology, the more philosophical questions it raises. Whether we follow the traditional model, or take a modern approach, we are still confronted by a multitude of paradoxical questions about life and our place in the universe. As astrologer Ronald C. Davison observed, ‘The purpose of living is to discover the purpose of living.’ How does astrology tie in to free-will, consciousness, synchronicity, reincarnation, evolution and the unfolding of time? In this presentation we’ll explore some of these key questions. We’ll revisit some fundamental astrological tenets and explore beyond astrology to examine some little known facts about our world, the solar system and our place in time that illuminate the future of astrology.

The Transformation of Western Society in the Age of Aquarius with Terry MacKinnell
Since the Age of Aquarius dawned in the 15th century, each sub-age has produced new socio-economic movements that have significantly transformed western culture. Terry MacKinnell has pioneered the application of retrograde sub-ages based on the ancient Hellenistic and contemporary Vedic dwadasamsa, sub-periods of signs. Each age has 12 sub-ages. The first sub-age in the Age of Aquarius is the Capricorn sub-age, followed by the Sagittarius sub-age and so on until the final Aquarius sub-age. Each sub-age is almost 180 years. For more details on the mechanics of the astrological ages see “Age of Aquarius for Dummies” available online at: http://ow.ly/ZXBwr. After reviewing the first three sub-ages in this fashion, a prediction for the current sub-age will be made outlining the major developments in western culture over the next 150 years.

The Essence within the Form: Searching for common threads within Astrology’s many systems and techniques with Bob Hunter
The modern follower of astrology is confronted by a sometimes bewildering array of systems, styles and techniques, both ancient and new. And today technology has made these diverse streams of astrological theory and practice accessible at the push of a button. From asteroids to ayanamsa, from horary to the humanistic and from Chaldean to Chinese, astrological pathways twist and turn, crossing over, converging and occasionally colliding. The result is a melting pot of approaches and views of the cosmos, seen through different lenses. So is there a common thread, or threads, central to all? Is there a unifying principle? This presentation will explore some of the elusive qualities of astrology and attempt to shed light on the essence within the form(s).

Psychological – participating with mindfulness, respecting the soul and acknowledging the unconscious

Turning Malefic Maladies into Warriors of Wellbeing with Kira Sutherland
Traditional medical astrology teaches that Mars and Saturn are harbingers of ill health and disease – instigators of acute or long-standing ailments, frustrations and poor health. But what if we take their principles to empower us to bring strength, vigour, discipline and order into our lives? Join Kira to see how you can work with these ‘malefic’ planets in order to activate positive life changes and develop energy, strength and empowerment.

The Soulful Evolution of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto: from Collective to Individual with Verena Bachmann
Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are known as ‘transpersonal planets’; as trans-Saturnians their energies are often described as being beyond our human understanding. Until recently they were portrayed through mythological images or as collective powers or universal developments. Their influence on human lives seemed fated without the possibility to consciously participate in what was happening. Today we are aware of them like other planetary archetypes, as energies of the soul. In this lecture we will explore what this means for the individual.

Relationships – exploring the nature of human interaction through polarity, chart comparison, synastry, combined or group horoscopes

Relationship Compatibility – Getting the Best Out of Your Relationships! with Narelle Duncan
When it comes to love language Astrology has the key to understanding why some of us clash and others reach soaring heights of passion! In this “how to” session we identify the natal chart signatures and traits that can see some of us in lasting long term relationships whilst others skip from one dalliance to another seeking their soul match. Your natal promise can reveal a lot about why you attract a “certain type” into your life, what you have to learn and how to minimise the relationship pitfalls and capitalise on the benefits of your partnership.

Anima and Animus: Dancing with the Stars with Verena Bachmann
As Lilith, the archetype of the Great Goddess, becomes reinstated into the collective, the old images of masculine and feminine energies have been transformed. After millennia of struggle for domination, the possibility to find new ways to work with gender and archetypal polarities is possible. How can we learn to dance with these energies and create a new and creative balance? In this lecture we will explore how this movement between the two polarities can enhance our understanding and expression of the planetary archetypes in our horoscope.

The Group Horoscope: Key to Collective Astrology (Extended Lecture) with Christof Niederwieser
Astrology offers excellent methods for describing the character and development of individuals; however, analyzing groups is far more challenging. The Group Horoscope is an innovative approach for displaying whole teams, departments, families or any other type of groups in one single chart. Multi-versions of the composite chart or the Davison Relationship Chart only give a picture of the group as a whole. The Group Horoscope instead allows a synopsis of all the relationships and interconnections within a group. It visualizes the patterns of group dynamics, making it an invaluable tool for systemic coaching. The lecture gives a general introduction to this novel approach.

The High Price of Love: Venus and Mars with Michael Lutin
“Moonlight and love songs never out of date, hearts full of passion jealousy and hate”…. We all search for intimate connections we hope will give us security; yet the outer planets, and the new planets currently being discovered, are constantly demonstrating that being open to change is our only hope for personal evolution. In this lecture we are going to be considering fated emotional attachments in an impermanent world.

The Nodal Axis in Synastry – Karmic and Dharmic Relationships with Charyn McLean
When the nodal axis in one person’s horoscope is connected to the planets or asteroids in a significant other’s chart, an opportunity for soul growth is present for both individuals. While we might look to fulfil our unmet needs though a ‘soul mate’, the reality is often very different, frequently complex and testing; yet ironically more valuable to our personal growth. The role a soul mate plays in challenging us to face our shadow and work towards our highest potential truly makes them a ‘Mate of our Soul’.

Special Interest – unique insights and distinctive ways to reflect astrologically

Tarot as Horary: Using the Cards as if it were the Astrology of the Moment with Anne Shotter
Both Tarot and Astrology are divinatory processes which can be revealing partners. When using the evocative images of the Tarot with the symbolic framework of astrology we can explore our own and client’s questions in the moment. Using twelve cards we will lay out the astrological wheel which then leads us through the cyclical stage to a resolution of our answer, or if not a resolution, a profound amplification of what is in question.

Circle on the Floor with Sagari (Janet Menefy)
Circle on the Floor is a unique, contemporary method of working with the traditional birth chart, offering an opportunity for those people both inside and outside of the Circle to directly experience the planetary influences at work. For the first part of the lecture, I would have attendees sit around the Circle, while I introduce them to the Circle on the Floor method and to my current passion of reconnecting people with their annual Sun cycle. Transiting Sun aspects to natal Sun provide a simple yet powerful and under-utilized daily resource, which is available at the fingertips of novice and experienced astrologers alike. I will then begin working with people who would like to venture into the Circle, and experience Circle Work for themselves.

Do You Want to be a Sun Sign Columnist? with Jessica Adams and Joanne Madeline Moore
Find out how to write and promote Sun Sign columns from two of our top horoscope columnists:

  • A Brief History of the Sun Sign Column
  • Where is the Next Generation of Sun Sign columnists coming from?
  • Technique – Using the Solar House System
  • Secrets, Tips and Tricks of the Trade
  • Writing for a Global Audience
  • Selling personal horoscopes from a Sun Sign gateway
  • Deadlines, social media, podcasts, agents, tax, websites and gigs
  • Over to you – what are your questions about Sun Sign astrology?

The Chinese Zodiac, Animal Signs and Jupiter Cycle with Jupiter Lai
The Chinese animal signs are a totally different system from Western Astrology, even though each of the animal signs corresponds to a zodiac sign and they are related to the Jupiter cycle. The Chinese signs can also be grouped according to the five elements and their geometric positions. Chinese astrologers use the animal signs as basis of yearly prediction, judging it as a lucky or challenging year for people of each sign. Different types of lucky charms and Feng Shui placements are suggested for each animal sign to improve fortune. In this lecture, we will explore the relationship between the two zodiacs, how the animal signs can be used for general forecast and the remedial measures for each sign by using lucky charms and proper Feng Shui placements.

Traditional Dignities in the Group Horoscope with Christof Niederwieser
The Group Horoscope is an innovative tool for displaying whole teams, departments, families or any other type of groups in one single chart. Some methods of analysis have been developed especially for this approach. In addition, the Group Horoscope is also compatible with most of the established astrological techniques. This lecture shows how the Essential Dignities of Traditional Astrology can be used to analyze relationship patterns and hierarchies within the Group Horoscope. It provides case studies from systemic coaching as well as examples of famous public groups; a fascinating fusion of past and future astrology.

Techne – using traditional or modern techniques to amplify our understanding

Hellenistic Aspects and Trauma with Demetra George
Hellenistic astrologers enumerated seven kinds of aspect configurations that were indicative of severe planetary maltreatment. How can modern astrologers utilize this doctrine to identify sources of trauma in a person’s life, either from past lives, unconscious childhood memories, or painful adult experiences? How can an astrologer assess if the condition can be healed on its own with time, needs specialized therapeutic assistance, or remains as a core wound in the psyche?

Planetary Phases with Ed Tamplin
The Cambridge Dictionary defines the meaning of the word ‘phase’ as “any stage in a series of events or in a process of development.” It originates from the Greek ‘phasis’ meaning to show. The most obvious astrological use of phases occurs in the eight fold Lunation Cycle popularized by Dane Rhudyar and now a rudimentary part of every astrologer’s toolbox. There has been much less research conducted into planetary phases, using the synodic cycles of any two planets. Yet this study yields rich results. Examining planetary phases can change the way you look at the horoscope, both in the individual and collective sense.

Plasticity of the Planets with Cindy Naunton
Planets considered to be ‘challenged’ traditionally are often a cause of discouragement, both to a client and an astrologer alike. They present difficulties to delineate in a positive manner. As many charts have this scenario what can be offered to rectify this planetary challenge? Is it possible to achieve a better outcome, rather than become the victim of a planetary position? This is particularly relevant when such ‘challenged’ planets impact on long term relationships through House 7. Considering the changes in some lives that have been brought about by understanding the plasticity of the brain, is it possible that we could apply the same principle to planets and turn our challenges into victories? By breaking free of our restrictions through an ascent in consciousness we may experience a rewarding and life-altering experience. We may discover within the gift of our birth data, a window of opportunity for an enriched life.

The Astrology of Cult Leaders with Charles Jameson
What makes cult leaders so appealing to their followers? And what do we mean by ‘cult’, anyway?

This presentation looks at why seemingly rational people get involved in cults led by charismatic and often dangerous individuals. People who willingly obeying their leader’s command, no matter what. Even unto death.

Do cult leaders have certain astrological characteristics that account for their uncanny ability to bend others to their will?

In this presentation, Charles summarises his research surrounding ten infamous cult leaders. He looks at their astrological similarities and differences, dipping into example charts to illustrate key points.

The Good and Evil Daimon: A Traditional Approach to the 11th and 12th Houses with Demetra George
The ancient philosophic concept of the daimon as a semi-divine being in the spirit realm stood behind the naming of the 11th and 12th houses where the great mythic kings of the gods Jupiter and Saturn had their joys. This talk will explore these ideas of the ancient philosophers and mythographers as they informed the Hellenistic and Medieval techniques that delineate the topics of friend and enemies regarding the realization of one’s hopes and dreams.