2018 FAA Conference Speaker Ed Tamplin

Ed Tamplin

Ed Tamplin is recognized as one of the world’s premier mundane and predictive astrologers. He operates a global consultancy from his Sydney home base, and is the co-principle of the Sirius Astrology School. For over a decade Ed co-hosted a number-one rating astrological program on Sydney commercial radio, attracting a quarter of the available Sydney listening audience. Ed is also a past VP of AANSW and Secretary/President of SARS. He remains dedicated to astrological research regularly contributing the ‘Eye in the Sky’ column in the FAA Journal and also weekly updates the popular website www.edtamplin.com


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The Mandala of Mundane

Forecasting world trends and predicting national and international events is an exquisite art form, reliant upon multitudinous factors. The palette of mundane techniques requires prioritizing and patterning in order to be truly effective. It is infinitely more than analysis of national charts, which differ widely in both their objectives and efficiency. It is also cycles upon cycles interwoven with history. Wandering through the maze of mundane can be either thoroughly confusing or joyously creative. The mandala of mundane provides perception and perspective in a clear and inspirational astrological outline.

Planetary Phases

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the meaning of the word ‘phase’ as “any stage in a series of events or in a process of development.” It originates from the Greek ‘phasis’ meaning to show. The most obvious astrological use of phases occurs in the eight fold Lunation Cycle popularized by Dane Rhudyar and now a rudimentary part of every astrologer’s toolbox. There has been much less research conducted into planetary phases, using the synodic cycles of any two planets. Yet this study yields rich results. Examining planetary phases can change the way you look at the horoscope, both in the individual and collective sense.