2018 FAA Conference Speaker Frank Clifford

Frank Clifford

Frank Clifford is a consultant astrologer and palmist who runs The London School of Astrology and has lectured in a dozen countries. Frank has published over 30 books and written 12 volumes, including Getting to the Heart of Your Chart, The Midheaven: Spotlight on Success and Horoscope Snapshots. One of his favourite jobs is writing for, and guest editing, The Mountain Astrologer. Frank won a writing award from ISAR in 2016 and a lifetime achievement award from the Astrological Association in 2012. He is launching a series of online courses for students of all levels, along with a student textbook to accompany them.



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The Consultation Chart: A Tool for Working Astrologers

Set up for the exact moment a consultation begins, the Consultation Chart reveals the *real* reasons behind a client’s visit and contains information about their past and present circumstances, as well as future possibilities. Starting a consultation with it can help to break the ice and gain a client’s trust. Join Frank to learn how to use and decode a remarkable tool that reminds us that every moment is fascinating and full of meaning.

The Ascendant and Midheaven in Combination

The Ascendant speaks of our open agenda and how we interact, while the Midheaven has links to self-actualization, reputation and taking a place in our community. Together, they reveal how we engage in life and the social roles we adopt. But those with Taurus rising, for instance, will take different routes depending on whether Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces is on the MC. Join Frank as he explores many of the 38 possible ASC–MC combinations.

Never Launch Anything at a New Moon! New Ways to Explore the Lunar Cycle

As astrologers, we are familiar with the four main Moon phases that complete the monthly lunar cycle, but these also play out as ‘Moon families’ at nine-month intervals. Known as the Lunar Gestation Cycle, pioneered by Dietrech Pessin, this is a simple and effective timing tool for planning our lives. Join Frank as he shares insights into a method that can be used to manage work projects, observe relationship patterns and identify major storylines as they unfold. (Attendees will receive a handout to help plan their own agenda.)

Post-Conference Workshop

Courage + Talent + Energy = Success

Date: Monday, January 22, 2018
Time: 10.00 am

How can success be seen in the horoscope? Firstly, we all have personal definitions of success – they’re not always about money, status or recognition. And amid this unstable professional and financial climate, many of us are opting out of ‘safe’ career paths to pursue a more authentic life. So it’s essential as astrologers to know where personal fulfilment can be seen in our own birth charts and also to know how to articulate this to our clients. This seminar is suitable for students/astrologers of all levels, and Frank will examine a variety of horoscopes (including participants) to see where our strengths and talents lie. And together, in this uplifting end to the conference, we’ll consider the best paths (and timings) towards ‘following our bliss’, manifesting our potential and achieving success.