2018 FAA Conference Speaker Mari Garcia

Mari Garcia

Mari Garcia is a consulting astrologer, writer and educator. She completed formal astrological studies with Astro Logos and received the Practitioner’s Certificate from the FAA in 1995 and was awarded the Alan Johnson Gold Medal. She studied Medieval Astrology with Robert Zoller and has lectured at the FAA bi-annual conferences, at UAC and on-line at the International Breaking Down the Borders Conference.

Mari’s published work includes Scala Coeli: A Ladder to Heaven – A Collection of Astrological Essays, An Ancient Art in the Modern World: Australis 97 Congress papers, The Book of Notable Births, Astro Mundi Astrology Primers, and the Traditional Astrology Glossary of Terms. She writes regularly for local, national and international publications. Her interests include mundane and political astrology, mythology and traditional astrology and the research and application of traditional techniques in a modern setting. She runs a consulting practice and is co-principal of ASTRO MUNDI. For more information visit http://mgarcia550.wix.com/mari-garcia or www.astromundi.com


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Good & Bad Fortune

The idea of good and bad spirits has always been part of human cosmology and belief. But good and bad spirits have also been used to describe those influences that either help us on our journey through life or distract or hinder us from our goals. This lecture will look at the astrological indicators in the natal chart of the good spirit or patronage which helps the individual succeed in life as well as the bad spirit or enemies and circumstance which undermine the individual’s efforts and affect outcomes.

The Time of Your Life

Ever wondered why some transits are more powerful than others? Why some individuals cruise through them and others suffer? Firdaria, a traditional method of planetary periods, can give us extraordinary insight into the quality of time in individual periods of a person’s life and combining this with other predictive techniques we can create a three-dimensional view of a person’s possible experiences. Let Mari introduce you to an essential tool for the predictive astrologer.