2018 FAA Conference Speaker Michael Lutin

Michael Lutin

Michael Lutin has a thriving private practice in astrology and counselling and is known worldwide for his columns in The Huffington Post and Vanity Fair magazine as well as Vogue Germany, Japan and Korea. The author of four books on astrology, Michael is also renowned for such stirring evening presentations as “Saturday Night at the End of the World in Cleveland” and “My Mother Smoked During Pregnancy”. He is both (in) famous and beloved in the astrological world for his powerfully insightful work, coupled with his side-splitting, razor sharp humour.

Consequently, besides being highly respected by his colleagues, readers and students for his professionalism and knowledge, he is also a highly sought after celebrity and performer at any conference or event he graces with his presence. Michael has spoken before the Harvard Business School Alumni and at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. In addition to lectures, workshops, and seminars internationally he is the author of four musical plays and four books including Sunshines, and The Astrology of Being Happy.

Website: www.michaellutin.com


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The Use of Planetary Directions, Progressions and Transits in Spotting Lifetime Themes

Over time the tradition of astrology has developed many divinatory systems to look at moments or epochs in time. But which techniques are the most effective and when? What combinations of these methods work best? In this lecture we will look at how the right combination of planetary directions, progressions, and transits can be most effective for revealing the patterns and questions of our life. Find new insights and inspirations with some of the old traditions.

When the Whole World Goes South in 2018: The Value of Planetary Nodes in Mundane and Personal Synthesis and Prediction (Extended Lecture)

The outer planets make sure whatever you were doing, you are not doing it any more. Personal evolution is an adventure, but it’s not designed to be comfortable. In this lecture we will be looking at these times, focusing on Pluto as it crosses its own planetary Node. Last time witnessed the rise of Hitler and the crash of the stock market, tipping the balance of all world alliances and economies. But the real kicker is how does it slam into your private life? And what about your money and resources? And your alliances?

The High Price of Love: Venus and Mars

“Moonlight and love songs never out of date, hearts full of passion jealousy and hate” ….. We all search for intimate connections we hope will give us security; yet the outer planets, and the new planets currently being discovered, are constantly demonstrating that being open to change is our only hope for personal evolution. In this lecture we are going to be considering fated emotional attachments in an impermanent world.

Pre-Conference Workshop

Neptune and Chiron: Gullibility or the Doorway to Universal Consciousness

Date: Thursday, January 18, 2018
Time: 10.00 am

A crisis in conscience and consciousness can touch your deepest most private being, bringing out your artistry and creative imagination. This workshop is a vision quest using imagery and imagination to inspire you to reflect on your own horoscopes from the point of view of these otherworldly archetypes, such as: art and tragedy; finding the miracle in misfortune; unshakeable faith or childish magical thinking; divine intervention or just a plain old Dumb-ass mistake? Be prepared to change.