2018 FAA Conference Speaker Narelle Duncan

Narelle Duncan

Narelle Duncan is an award winning Australian Astrologer (FAA Silver & Gold Medal 2009) who uses her natural perceptive gifts to help others get in touch with their passion and live their ‘best life’. For more than 18 years Narelle, an astrologer, naturopath and life-style counsellor, has infused people with self-awareness. Narelle’s specialty lies in highlighting life lessons and teachings and providing tools to stay ‘on track’ with one’s life purpose. She designed the Soul Purpose Oracle Cards based on the nodes and pre-natal eclipse so everyone can access their soul purpose!

Narelle also conducts astrology classes designed for beginner through to advanced students. She uses a personalised approach and focuses on the personality, its gifts and challenges. On campus classes are offered at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast or Narelle’s interactive online astrology classes are available at www.astrologyreading.com.au


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Relationship Compatibility – Getting the Best Out of Your Relationships!

When it comes to love language Astrology has the key to understanding why some of us clash and others reach soaring heights of passion! In this “how to” session we identify the natal chart signatures and traits that can see some of us in lasting long term relationships whilst others skip from one dalliance to another seeking their soul match. Your natal promise can reveal a lot about why you attract a “certain type” into your life, what you have to learn and how to minimise the relationship pitfalls and capitalise on the benefits of your partnership.

What Career Suits Me Best?

In this “how to” session we’ll hone in on key houses and signature traits in the natal chart that help reveal innate talents and gifts that serve you well in your career. Applying this understanding can help reveal a vocation that can bring much satisfaction and help you fulfil your soul potential. The possibilities are endless for helping clients, friends, children, or young adults starting out in their career pursuits. We’ll even use predictive techniques to know when a change in career direction is required.