2018 FAA Conference Speaker Ryuji Kagami

Ryuji Kagami

Ryuji Kagami started his astrological career at the age of 16 as a media astrologer and continues to have a large media profile in Japan. At the same time he is deeply interested in Jungian thought, holds a MA degree and teaches as a visiting professor of Bunkyo University and Heian Women’s University, both in Kyoto and is a committee member of the Japan Transpersonal Association (JTA). He is known as a translator and author and his translation works, including the books by Liz Greene, James Hillman, Thomas Moore, Maggie Hyde and Nick Campion, are regarded to be a huge contribution to astrological students in Japan. He is regarded as the most influential astrologer in Japan today.


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Astrology in Japan: From Esoteric Buddhism to Cuteness “Kawaii” Culture

Western astrology has taken firm root in Japan. Nearly every Japanese individual knows his or her Sun Sign and there are many Western-orientated astrologers in Japan. Western astrology has become part of our culture. How have we (Japanese) imported and accepted it? Has Western astrology transformed in Japan? A media astrologer will explain the reception and adaptation process of Western astrology in his homeland.

Saving the Dying God: Jung’s Red Book and Astrology

Astrologers in modern times are faced with a difficult dilemma. How do we justify our astrological thinking in this disenchanted cosmos? Jung has been one of a few thinkers who have struggled with this dilemma and tried to give it a viable solution. In his Red Book, we can find his strategy as a form of mythical vision. In this lecture we will investigate the Red Book and its astrological symbolism.