2018 FAA Conference Speaker Terry MacKinnell

Terry MacKinnell

Terry MacKinnell was born in Sydney, Australia in 1951 and is a self-taught Vedic-western fusion astrologer who has been studying astrology since the early 1970s. In 1987 he came up with the initial inspiration for his research into the astrological ages. Commencing in 2000, he returned to his research in earnest and after a three year writing project, published his first book on the subject in 2011 – “The Dawning – Shedding New Light on the Astrological Ages”. He maintains a number of blogs including ‘Demystifying the Aquarian Age’ plus a website dedicated to the astrological ages at www.macro-astrology.com

He is currently writing a book on the sub-ages of the astrological ages and does lectures and workshops on Vedic astrology and the astrological ages in Australia, New Zealand and Bali.


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The Transformation of Western Society in the Age of Aquarius

Since the Age of Aquarius dawned in the 15th century, each sub-age has produced new socio-economic movements that have significantly transformed western culture. Terry MacKinnell has pioneered the application of retrograde sub-ages based on the ancient Hellenistic and contemporary Vedic dwadasamsa, sub-periods of signs. Each age has 12 sub-ages. The first sub-age in the Age of Aquarius is the Capricorn sub-age, followed by the Sagittarius sub-age and so on until the final Aquarius sub-age. Each sub-age is almost 180 years. For more details on the mechanics of the astrological ages see “Age of Aquarius for Dummies” available online at: http://ow.ly/ZXBwr. After reviewing the first three sub-ages in this fashion, a prediction for the current sub-age will be made outlining the major developments in western culture over the next 150 years.