Thank you to all our trade fair exhibitors – our space is now all full and we thank each of you for your support and patronage.

The public is invited to browse our 2018 Conference Trade Fair. Come along and see creative and innovative astrological businesses exhibiting their original and educational products including books, diaries, calendars, software, reports, jewellery, essences and so much more. Many of the authors, the artisans and creators of the products on display will be on-site to answer all your questions about what’s on offer.

Please keep up to date with the website as we will be showcasing all the creative retailers, authors and artists who will be part of the 2018 FAA Trade Fair.

You can also keep up-to-date with news via the Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/FAAInternationalAstrologyConference/


Celestial Insight with Michele Finey

Calendars, books, cards and other astrological gifts/products

trafe fair celestial insight michele finey

At Celestial Insight you’ll find Michele Finey’s wonderful 32 page astrology calendar plus her books, a range of beautiful hand crafted astrology gift cards and much more.

Website: www.celestialinsight.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/celestialinsight/

Esoteric Technologies

Our reputation is in creating accurate and dynamic software solutions. Our software evolves with your needs.

trade fair faa 2018 esoteric technologies

Esoteric Technologies continues to work on cutting-edge astrology calculations and interpretations with the Astro Gold apps for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android. You can also find Stephanie Johnson’s professional astrology expertise with online-reports and consultations at Seeing With Stars astrology.

Website: www.esotech.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/esoterictechnologies/

Astro Essences

Astro Essences are vibrational healing remedies – uplift, attune or re-settle your energy, body, mind and emotions.

trade fair faa 2018 astro essences 480x423

Each Astro Essence has the unique energy ‘signature’ of the astrological sun or moon in a different sign of the zodiac. Astro Essences function as a vibrational medium that can uplift, attune or re-settle one’s energy body, mind and emotions and open a doorway to deeper inner wisdom and healing processes.

Astro Essences are water-based (using some alcohol as a preservative), non-perfumed and safe to take internally or use externally. Visit our Trade Fair Stand or website for more information on the different essences and how to use them.

Website: himalaya.com.au

STA – School of Traditional Astrology

The STA’s educational focus is the integration of traditional astrological principles within contemporary astrology.

STA school traditional astrology logo 391x391

The school specialises in training horary astrology practitioners. New courses in other branches of classical astrological technique, are currently in development.

Website: sta.co


Creative Astrology & Esoteric Tools

astrologybox logo 300x307

“Astrologybox” comprises a hand batiked zodiac, 12 planetary symbols made from light and durable Perspex, packaged in an easy to carry shoulder bag. Available in table size and floor size.

Website: astrologybox.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Astrologybox

Lyndall Mcquinn

Astrologer and Tarot Reader

lyndall mcquinn astrologer tarot card reader

Lyndall McQuinn is an Astrologer and Tarot Reader who will be selling books and offering intensive courses in Shamanic Astrology, Astrological Temples, Tarot Quest and Building your Spirit Lodge.

Website: lyndallmcquinn.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Lyndall-Mcquinn-Astrologer-and-Tarot-reader-212522555571304/

Mercurial Connections

Astrology Promotion and Astrology Products

mercurial connections 400x163

Mercurial Connections Evolutionary Astrology … Sacred Journeys to Europe. Our vision is to provide quality Astrological Education via workshops, seminars and consultations.

Website: mercurialconnections.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/evolutionaryastology/


Astrology Bags

astrology bags astroembroiddale FAA conference trade fair

Be rid of plastic bags & replace with hand made brightly coloured tote bags with embroidery or painted astrology themes. Also, environmentally friendly produce bags all in various sizes.

Facebook: facebook.com/astroembroidale

Flare Publications

Best-selling Astrology and Palmistry books

frank clifford flare publications

Flare Publications was formed in 1996 by Frank Clifford to publish astrology and palmistry books, as well as bring these subjects to businesses and media events. Its authors and staff are professional consultants and teachers, most of whom are available for corporate events, seminars, lectures and parties.

Website: flareuk.com
Facebook: facebook.com/londonastrology


Astrological Education, Books and Student Resources

astrosynnthesis astrology faa trade fair 2017

Open Learning in Applied Astrology
Books, Booklets, Workbooks and
Student Resources

Website: astrosynthesis.com.au

The Zodiac Conference Bookshop

The Zodiac Conference Bookshop is sponsored and managed by the FAA

2018 FAA astrology conference logo

Don’t miss out on some of our best book bargains.
Browse the range from the classical texts to the modern ones. See you there!