Welcome to the 23rd biennial FAA International Astrology Conference.

Brian Clark and Glennys Lawton, co-convenors of the 2020 conference, invite you to join us in Melbourne, the art and cultural capital of Australia, for another magical celebration of astrology

2020: Astrological Crossroads and Conjunctions

The 23rd FAA Conference will commemorate and celebrate the theme of crossroads. Astrologically the stage is set during 2020, as three major planetary pairings – Saturn/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto & Jupiter/Saturn – are at a crossroads in their cycles:

Thematic to our conference will be the many ways astrology speaks of endings and beginnings, finales and renewals as well as the great mystery of cycles and returns, themes that congregate at the conjunction, the seed moment when the cycle is renewed. What does astrology say about the end of an era? What does it promise at this time of renewal?

All our presenters have been invited because of their unique insights, deep understanding and significant contributions to the practice of astrology. Conference lectures will cover a myriad of aspects and approaches to astrology, all bound together by the unifying spirit of the art.

2020 will also mark the final conference in the FAA series of conferences which began January 23, 1976 – all of which have been held near the Australia Day holiday and mostly in university settings. Each one has created a special time and place to share in our mutual respect for astrology, to forge new perspectives and to develop bonds with new friends. From this point forward the conferences will be reborn in a new format, time and setting. Help us celebrate our past together and welcome in our future.

Join us for an inspirational, educational and fun-filled journey into the soul of astrology.

2020 FAA Conference Speakers

The Biennial FAA Conference Celebration

January 18, 2020
7.30 pm – late
International House

Saturday Night at the South Node
The Way we Were
in 3D: Dinner, Drinking and Dancing

Join us for our traditional Saturday night celebration at the conference. While lately we’ve gone upmarket at the Melbourne Arts Centre, sailed Sydney Harbour, partied at the Hobart Casino and gone country in Brisbane, this conference we are returning to the way we were. In the past our galas were always held at the conference venue. As this is the last conference in this cycle, we return to the way we were: a semi formal dinner, dancing and as always, a few surprises, along with great company and old and new friends.

And so this is our theme for our evening:
The South Node and the Way we Were

Dress code is to come as your South Node; we’re inviting everyone to be creative and imaginative – it might be a past life, a lingering dream, a sleeping dragon, a has been or a wanna be – whatever, the intention is fun and festivity. Join us for this carnival of connection and celebration.

Conference Celebration including dinner, dancing and drinks is $ 65 for conference registrants; $85 for guests or those not registered for the conference.

Conference Venue

The 2020 FAA Conference venue is International House (click to see on Google Maps) which is located on Royal Parade in Parkville, approximately two kilometres north of Melbourne’s CDB and a 15 minute walk from the University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus.

We welcome you to the 23rd International FAA Astrology Conference and look forward to hosting and participating in what promises to be a spectacular and memorable gathering of our astrological clan.

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