2020 FAA Conference Speaker Anne Shotter

anne shotter faa conference speaker

Anne Shotter is a well known and respected Tarot consultant and educator, having been passionately involved with the study and practice of the art of Tarot for 30 years. She has studied many other modalities, including astrology, psychology, archetypes, hypnotherapy and past life regression. She incorporates this learning into her work with Tarot.

Anne is the founding and current president of The Tarot Guild of Australia and has presented at many conferences both in Australia and overseas, including the 2018 FAA Conference “Transforming the Tradition”.


Tarot Time: Cycles in the Cards

Embedded in the Tarot are symbols and seasons of time. This is especially evident in the Major Arcana cards, which call forth the archetypal nature of forces present at the time of the reading. Over the many years of working with clients, I have witnessed Card 20, Judgment, to signal a phase of endings and renewals, often the conclusion of a 20-year cycle. Following Judgment is the World, the final card of the Majors, also echoing the themes of completion. Judgement is frequently equated with Pluto; the World with Saturn. At the dawn of the new Saturn-Pluto cycle it feels timely to consider both these cards in the light of cycles and passages.