2020 FAA Conference Speaker Cindy Naunton

2020 faa astrology conference speaker cyndi naunton

Cindy Naunton is a practising traditional astrologer with 30 years’ experience. Based in Perth, she is qualified and accredited with the FAA.

Cindy has worked as a professional astrologer since 1992 and has lectured at conferences since 1998. As well as teaching and consulting, Cindy has written journal articles, lectured, and given interviews with ABC radio. Her chosen topics have included Chiron, eclipses, medieval techniques, solar returns and motivation.

Cindy gained her Diploma in Medieval Astrology from Robert Zoller in 2005. Since that time, her interests and expertise in traditional methods has expanded to become her exclusive focus.

Website: www.cindynaunton.com


Lunations and Relationships

As the wheel of fortune constantly turns, so too does the relationship between the Sun and Moon. Astrologically this manifests simultaneously as a micro–macro cycle that urges us on to new experiences and increased awareness. This pattern of constantly changing light and dark forces us to examine both our inner and outer worlds. This continual dance of the luminaries shapeshifting through the signs is reflected in personal relationships. This lecture will examine how the Sun and Moon influence relationships in daily life and will consider the major the pivotal, relationship crisis points we experience along the way.

Saturn and Pluto: On the Threshold of Change

While the cycle of Saturn is regular and predictable, Pluto’s cycle is a different story. As these two planetary powerhouses collide during this conference period of early 2020, we can be sure that we are on the threshold of major change. Historically, the Saturn–Pluto energies of squares, oppositions and conjunctions have coincided with major changes and challenges on the planet – wars, revolutions and epidemics. This becomes a time to examine our charts, as the reality of necessary change is presented to us. Foreknowledge acts as an alert signal to be ready and prepared for these changes, as necessity becomes the ‘mother of invention’.