2020 FAA Conference Speaker Cindy Naunton

2020 faa astrology conference speaker cyndi naunton

Cindy Naunton is a practising traditional astrologer with 30 years’ experience. Based in Perth, she is qualified and accredited with the FAA.

Cindy has worked as a professional astrologer since 1992 and has lectured at conferences since 1998. As well as teaching and consulting, Cindy has written journal articles, lectured, and given interviews with ABC radio. Her chosen topics have included Chiron, eclipses, medieval techniques, solar returns and motivation.

Cindy gained her Diploma in Medieval Astrology from Robert Zoller in 2005. Since that time, her interests and expertise in traditional methods has expanded to become her exclusive focus.

Website: www.cindynaunton.com


Saturn Pluto and British History

The British Royal family and British Commonwealth are influenced by the Saturn Pluto cycle. As these two planetary powerhouses are currently colliding, we can be sure we are on the threshold of significant change. This alignment has been prominent in the charts of the royal family for over 200 years, and Saturn/Pluto is currently active in the chart of Queen Elizabeth II. History shows us that these alignments have been a major catalyst in the past, and their combined influences may be affecting our personal and family histories. This lecture traces this theme from Queen Victoria to the present day.

Saturn Pluto and Indigenous Australia

From wars and revolutions to epidemics, the hard energies of Saturn/Pluto have historically coincided with major changes and challenges. By examining the past we can apply our understanding to be ready and prepared for what the future brings. Saturn/Pluto were active when white settlement occurred in Australia in 1788. Today, the current conjunction coincides with a growing restlessness with indigenous Australians. The traditional landowners had focused their attention on land rights, culture and constitution, but now indigenous history since white settlement, is under intense scrutiny. Astrology shows us that it is timely that this situation is addressed. This lecture shows how we can gain insight and awareness from the oldest culture on earth.