2020 FAA Conference Speaker Darby Costello

2020 faa astrology conference speaker darby costello

Darby studied psychology, philosophy and theology in New York, and astrology in Boston. She then went to Africa and worked with tribal healers and diviners for seven years, while building her astrological practice.

Based in London since the early 1980s, she was Head Tutor at the Centre for Psychological Astrology for many years.

Darby has written several books, including the recently re-issued Water and Fire and Earth and Air.

In 2006 she was awarded an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University. Her consultation practice is at the very heart of her working life as an astrologer.

Website: https://www.darbycostello.co.uk/


Mars: The Barbarian and the Aristocrat

We are in a time of great turmoil and transition and we carry our ancestry in our bodies. All of the times of chaos and disruption are there, in our deep memories, as are the weapons that our ancestors used to keep the line alive. Without those weapons we would not be here today. In this lecture we shall look at our Mars inheritance to develop awareness of when it is acting the thug and when it is acting with shining skill and aiming towards excellence on behalf of ourselves and those we cherish and protect.

The Progressed Moon: Finding our Way Home (extended lecture)

The progressed Moon offers access to one of the most powerful dimensions of our human existence, and yet it has often been considered as simply one of several factors in predicting and timing events. For those who live interior as well as exterior lives, the progressed Moon is a powerful guide illuminating places of self-reflection and inner nourishment. It brings our attention to the cycles of our emotional and spiritual development. Here, in this two-part talk, we shall explore this indicator of our soul’s journey.

Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces: Reflections on Other Times and Other Places

Pluto will be in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces until 2024–6. These two planets have been sextile in these signs six times in the last 3000 years. Pluto in Capricorn reflects the collapse of outworn structures – collective and personal – while Neptune in Pisces describes new worlds emerging out of the mists of confusion and disillusion. In this talk we shall look back at those earlier times to see patterns that might give us insight into ways of navigating the present with intelligence and wisdom. We shall look especially at the periods in which Uranus was also in Taurus.

Post-Conference Workshop

The Dance of Love – the Work of Love: Synastry and Composites

We inherit certain characteristics that determine our capacity for relationship, and yet, through self reflection and inner work, we can increase our ability to get the best from our interactions and bring pleasure that lasts throughout our lives. Synastry is the art of reading the way two people will naturally interact with each other and composite charts describe the field that is created between them – whether it is a friend, lover, partner, child, parent or work colleague. In this workshop we shall first look at well-known people as examples and then we shall work with the charts brought by the people in the room.