2020 FAA Conference Workshops

In 2020, the FAA Conference offers three pre- and three post-conference workshops with world-class international astrologers. These full-day seminars offer the opportunity to study with some of the best astrologers in our worldwide community and focus in-depth on the subject at hand.

This year Frank Clifford, Wade Caves and Lynn Bell will be your pre-conference tutors. On Monday, following the conference, Jason Holley, Darby Costello and Dorian Greenbaum will be your tutors.

The range of workshops covers the spectrum of interpretive techniques from traditional to contemporary astrology with topics of interest for our modern age such as relationships, money and work.

Pre-Conference Workshops
Thursday, January 16, 2020: 10 am – 5 pm

astrology pre-conference speakers

Lynn BellHoard it, Burn it, Save it, Spend it: Money Archetypes in Astrology
Beyond the financial houses in the birth chart, our relationship with money tends to run along mythic tracks: we may be hoarders or profligates, misers or risk takers. Most of us work for money but it ends up working on us, psychologically and spiritually. Saturn and Jupiter describe the two extremes of fear and generosity that ricochet from lack to abundance. In this workshop we will explore the many ways that soul works through money in our lives.

Wade CavesTraditional Natal Astrology for Today
Learning how to interpret a birth chart using traditional texts can be tricky. Often the delineations feel causal and mechanical, leaving the student with the daunting task of sussing out the underlying principle. In this workshop, find a solid foundation in traditional natal astrology that is more compatible with modern living. Together we will explore: planetary placements by sign and house, the traditional approach to determining the ‘mind and manners’ of the native, temperament and its uses in personality analysis and anticipation of disease, synastry with partners and children, and more. Source notes and references will be provided for further study. Bring your own chart – there will be opportunity to explore our own natal themes in the practicum session of this workshop.

Frank CliffordIn the Midst of Every Difficulty Lies Opportunity: Making the Most of the Hard Aspects in Your Horoscope
When two parts of the chart are in aspect to each another, a dialogue is formed. The nature of that interaction – the flow of energy – is revealed by the specific planets and aspect involved. In spite of what some books will tell you, the so-called ‘hard’ aspects describe our greatest, most meaningful successes– IF we recognise the invitation and accept the challenge. In this new seminar, join Frank to explore the nature of the ‘hard’ aspects (from the opposition to the square to the sesquiquadrate) and see how these can be best used in your life, work and relationship patterns. Bring your charts!

Post-Conference Workshops
Monday, January 20, 2020: 10 am – 5 pm

astrology post-conference speakers

Darby CostelloThe Dance of Love – the Work of Love: Synastry and Composites
We inherit certain characteristics that determine our capacity for relationship, and yet, through self reflection and inner work, we can increase our ability to get the best from our interactions and bring pleasure that lasts throughout our lives. Synastry is the art of reading the way two people will naturally interact with each other and composite charts describe the field that is created between them – whether it is a friend, lover, partner, child, parent or work colleague. In this workshop we shall first look at well-known people as examples and then we shall work with the charts brought by the people in the room.

Dorian GreenbaumThe Daimon and our Lots: Ancient Traditions in Astrology
This workshop will combine two of my favourite topics: the daimon, and lots.

First, I’ll answer the question ‘What is a daimon, and what does it have to do with astrology?’ We’ll discover that there is not one single definition of daimon, and that it is ubiquitous in the ancient Mediterranean world. We’ll find out what the daimon has to do with fate and what we are allotted in our lives on earth.

Second, I’ll give you a brief history of lots, both in Mediterranean culture and in astrology, and we’ll see how they connect with practices in ancient divination. Then we’ll talk about how lots and the daimon connect in astrology, and how ancient astrologers used them in practice. Finally, we’ll put all this together in exploring how to find and use the daimon in your own chart.

Jason HolleyBelieving in the Night: Moon, Venus, and Mars in Relationships
Rilke famously wrote, ‘I believe in the night’. The ancients said the same of the planets that modern astrology associates with relationships –the Moon, Venus and Mars – assigning them to the night sect. We feel contact from others most closely – and often alarmingly to our put-together daytime selves – when they connect with us through Lunar needs, Venusian attractions, and Martian passions. In the shifting and often-destabilizing spaces of night and relationship we encounter mystery and depths that cannot be seen in daylight. With aid from ancient myth and modern psychotherapy we will ‘psychologize’ traditional teachings on sect and explore night mysteries found in every chart.