2020 FAA Conference Speaker Frank Clifford

2020 faa astrology conference frank clifford

Frank has built an eclectic, 30-year career as the writer of a dozen books, a consultant astrologer and palmist, a publisher/editor, a researcher of birth data, and the Principal of the London School of Astrology. Frank has written for The Mountain Astrologer since 2008 and guest edited the magazine a number of times. In 2012, he was the youngest recipient of a lifetime honour from the Astrological Association for his contribution to astrology, and a writing award from ISAR and a Regulus Award (UAC) nomination have since followed.

Website: https://frankclifford.co.uk/

Pre-Conference Workshop

In the Midst of Every Difficulty Lies Opportunity: Making the Most of the Hard Aspects in Your Horoscope

When two parts of the chart are in aspect to each another, a dialogue is formed. The nature of that interaction – the flow of energy – is revealed by the specific planets and aspect involved. In spite of what some books will tell you, the so-called ‘hard’ aspects describe our greatest, most meaningful successes– IF we recognise the invitation and accept the challenge. In this new seminar, join Frank to explore the nature of the ‘hard’ aspects (from the opposition to the square to the sesquiquadrate) and see how these can be best used in your life, work and relationship patterns. Bring your charts!


Behind the Steering Wheel: Your Chart Ruler

Your Ascendant is a vehicle that showcases a general attitude or outlook – one that you adopt to negotiate and interact with the world around you. It’s your open agenda and personality (i.e. your personal reality). But each Ascendant has a ruler with twelve possible sign placements (and aspects to that ruler). The Chart Ruler reveals the motivation or hidden directive behind the Ascendant – it is you as the driver of the vehicle and the route you wish to take. Join Frank to explore examples of the Chart Ruler from his files and from the group.

Forecasting in Action (an extended lecture)

Part 1: Tools and Techniques

What’s your preferred forecasting method? Progressions? Directions? Solar returns or profections? Or maybe you’re someone who works just with transits. There are many methods used these days, and these can lead to confusion in the astrologer or a sense of overwhelm for the client. In this session, Frank will look at a selection of forecasting methods, help you choose the best method for the right occasion, and offer tools to simplify and aid interpretation.

Part 2: An Interactive Session

When it comes to forecasting, we do our best, most helpful work as consulting astrologers when we articulate the processes that can take place under various transits, progressions or directions in an ethical, effective manner. In doing so, we can help clients recognize the ‘season’ they’re in and to become aware of (and attuned to) different cycles taking place in their lives. Engaging in a dialogue with a client helps them to actively participate in co-creating their future. In this interactive session, Frank will explore the charts of as many (willing!) audience members as possible. Bring along your chart (or birth data).

Astrological Inspirations

Courageous people inspire us. Uplifting stories of overcoming obstacles or winning against the odds help us understand that almost anything is possible. Astrologically, these people are often making the most of some very challenging aspects and placements in their horoscopes. Frank will reveal these placements to show how their stories, strengths and talents offer us all an incentive to pursue the potential written in our own charts. Come along and be woken up and spurred on by some truly memorable people, their stories and their horoscopes.