2020 FAA Conference Speaker Kelly Surtees

2020 faa astrology conference speaker kelly surtees

Kelly is Australian, but lives in Canada and has been a professional astrologer for more than 18 years. Kelly consults with clients, teaches students and writes on astrology. She is also the editor of the annual WellBeing Astrology Guide.

Kelly blends traditional techniques with modern insight and especially enjoys helping others discover the true power of astrology. When not exploring the cosmos in her home office, Kelly can be found in the garden or baking.

Kelly travels extensively, especially through the US, Canada and Australia and speaks at conferences like NORWAC, SOTA, UAC and the FAA. Find Kelly online where you can sign up for one of her online astrology classes, book an astrology chart consult or explore astrology through her in-depth blog.

Website: https://kellysastrology.com/


Progressions and Rebirth

Tracking your progressed planets describes permanent changes and temporary dramas. The aspects made by your progressed planets describe critical times for growth and personal evolution, as well as give you clues as to how you are ready to unfold at any given time. In this talk we’ll explore how progressed planets through their sign change show the end of an era and discuss how to fully interpret the topics associated with your progressed Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Discover how progressions describe cycles of rebirth and personal evolution.

The Birth Chart as a Beginning

What dreams do you carry in your soul? What mission or purpose are you here to explore? By considering the special signatures of the planets in the natal chart, you can determine some of the most important undertakings for you in this lifetime. How are special signatures assessed? What features of the planets contribute to a positive or challenging chart signature?

Discover how to assess your planets for strength, vitality and function and learn which themes are dominant in your natal chart.