2020 FAA Conference Speaker Kira Sutherland

2020 faa astrology conference speaker kira sutherland

Kira is an Australian naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and astrologer. She divides her time between clients, writing and lecturing on health, wellbeing and medical astrology.

Known for her vibrant, straight forward teaching style, Kira has lectured in medical astrology across Australia, North America and Europe. In private practice for over 25 years, Kira combines her knowledge of natural medicine with her passion for medical astrology into a wonderful mix of mind – body medicine.

Her qualifications include BHSc, Grad Dip Sports Nutrition, Adv Dip Nut Medicine, Adv Dip Naturopathy, Adv Dip Herb Med.

Email: kira.sutherland@gmail.com
Website: https://astrologyofhealth.com/


Cycles of Crisis and Cure (extended lecture)

When illness or a lack of vitality impacts our lives what is it we are we being asked to experience or change? The natal chart describes the tools we can call upon to assist us in dealing with these ‘crisis’ situations, and it gives us clues as to how we can accomplish these changes with lasting results. In the first of two self-contained lectures, Kira will take us on a journey to look at the common issues, health triggers and stumbling blocks of each natal planet at times of illness.

And what can we do once a ‘healing crisis’ has begun? In the second of two self-contained lectures, Kira will reveal how transits present us with opportunities to become aware of – and make adjustments to – our health, habits and wellbeing. Using her background in natural medicine, she will use chart examples and principles of traditional healing to show how, at various transits, she supports and encourages the body to bring about relief and recovery.