2020 FAA Conference Speaker Lynn Bell

2020 faa astrology conference speaker lynn bell

Lynn Bell is a Paris based author, speaker, and consulting astrologer with many years of in-depth client work, and a profound interest in the effects of psyche on people’s lives. A long time tutor for the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London, she now teaches for MISPA and Astrology University on line, and guest lectures and teaches internationally. She is the 2016 winner of The Charles Harvey Award for Exceptional Service to Astrology.

Lynn is the author of Planetary Threads and Cycles of Light: Solar Returns. Outside the world of astrology she has taught for Caroline Myss’s CMED and Wisdom University’s New Chartres School.

Pre-Conference Workshop

Hoard it, Burn it, Save it, Spend it: Money Archetypes in Astrology

Beyond the financial houses in the birth chart, our relationship with money tends to run along mythic tracks: we may be hoarders or profligates, misers or risk takers, Most of us work for money but it ends up working on us, psychologically and spiritually. Saturn and Jupiter describe the two extremes of fear and generosity that ricochet from abundance to lack. In this workshop we will explore the many ways soul works through money in our lives. Are we slaves to money, fearful of it? Do we love it, control it or does it flow back to us? We will also look at how money works through the family psyche. What is it like to grow up with a miser or a spendthrift? Past events, like inheritance struggles or bankruptcy, can have a ripple effect for later generations and may be called up in our own lives to be resolved.


Saturn–Pluto: Birthing the Shadow (Double lecture)

As Saturn and Pluto come together, what has been suppressed, reviled or undervalued begins to rise up. Something unknown and perhaps unwanted is being birthed. It is a necessary birth – one that reveals aspects of the self that we may not wish to see, as well as sometimes overwhelming aspects of the collective. Saturn–Pluto comes with dread, paroxysm and a deep creative impulse – a call to inner light. What will blaze up in response to this conjunction? The first part of this lecture will look at the footprint of the cycle – its 36-year rhythm and unfolding – and in the second part we will explore questions arising from our own charts.

It’s Your Fault: Idealization and Projection

It can be all too easy to see what we don’t like in other people. How does that dislike or dissatisfaction show up in the birth chart? Oppositions are one way energy is projected outside the self. This is also true of the 7th and 10th houses, which signal enemies and those whose authority weighs on us, but what about the projections too good to be true, like idealistic projections in the 9th and fascinations in the 8th. Disowned or unrecognized qualities in the self can be projected. Understanding how some of these negative or overly positive feelings have to do with us is an important part of work on the self and any work with clients.

Breaking the Spell: Unbinding Difficult Patterns

Spells can be thought of as words that echo over and over in our minds, giving rise to ideas and feelings that have the power to turn our fate a certain way. At what moment do lifelong difficult patterns find release? Are there times we can wake up from a ‘spell’ that has kept us stuck somewhere we would rather not be? We will see how the transits of slow moving planets to natal Saturn play a key role in moments of liberation, as well as factors in the progressed horoscope. While some behaviours can be changed or adapted at many junctures, others offer themselves up to unbinding at precise moments in an individual’s life.