2020 FAA Conference Speaker Marc Laurenson

2020 faa astrology conference speaker marc laurenson

Marc’s passion for astrology started at a very early age, buying his first Astrology book at the age of 10, and he never looked back.

Marc opened his own astrological consultation business Marc Laurenson Astrology in 2007 and soon after that created Sydney Astrology School, which has been running successfully for the past 12 years.

Marc has shared his knowledge on the talk and lecture circuit throughout Australia and New Zealand for the AANSW, SARS, QFA and AFNZ and will be a speaker at the next IVC Conference in Kolkata, India. He has written for Wellbeing, SuperLiving, Sage and Use Nature.

Marc has the FAA Diploma, receiving the Gold Medal with his accreditation.


Past life Planets: Working with Planets connected to the Lunar Nodes

Often we find particular planets in our natal charts are like ‘sticking points’; that is having repetitive issues that we can’t seem to resolve. Like a record that is stuck we play out the fear, disappointment or drama, time and time again: chances are these planets are involved with the Moon’s Nodes. In this lecture we take a deeper look at these planets and how they are intrinsically entwined with the Nodal storyline by aspect, rulership, dispositor and house placement discovering how they can be transformed and find their higher potential.