2020 FAA Conference Speaker Mari Garcia

2020 faa astrology conference mari garcia

Mari Garcia is a consulting astrologer, writer and educator. She runs a consulting practice and is co-principal of ASTRO MUNDI and has lectured at the FAA bi-annual conferences, at UAC and the international Breaking Down the Borders online conference. Mari’s published work includes Scala Coeli: A Ladder to Heaven, An Ancient Art in the Modern World: Australis 97 Congress Papers, The Book of Notable Births, Astro Mundi Astrology Primers and the Traditional Astrology Glossary of Terms. She writes regularly for local, national and international and publications. Her interests include mundane and political astrology, mythology and traditional astrology.

Website: http://mgarcia550.wix.com/mari-garcia
Website: https://www.astromundi.com/


Measure of Success: The Technique of Doryphory

We often hear that success and fame are guarantees to a good life; that if you are successful, then you are supposedly insulated from the vicissitudes of life. ‘Doryphory’ is an ancient term used to determine an individual’s potential to achieve status in life. However, it is more than just status or success. It describes whether a person has the support of others or has access to support when it is needed; how well protected they are and their ability to withstand external attacks. The lecture will explore the technique and its application to natal charts.

Out of Bounds

When we describe a person, an act or a place as being ‘out of bounds’ we often mean they are not bound by social, professional or cultural conventions that govern society. In astrology ‘out of bounds’ refers to a planet’s declination – its position along the plane of the ecliptic. What happens when planets stray from the established path of the ecliptic? How do they manifest in the individual’s life or as a ‘sign of the times’ in mundane astrology? Do they push the boundaries of acceptability? If so how do they do this? The lecture explores how these planets operate in a chart.