Remembering Clementine Adkins
1954 -2018

clementine adkins in memorium

Clementine was passionate about astrology from when she discovered the power of a birth chart in 1997. Over the course of time, Clementine studied with a number of prominent astrologers which culminated with a Practitioner’s Diploma with the Federation of Australian Astrologers in 2005. Her study continued and she discovered the concept of Evolutionary Astrology, firstly through Steven Forrest and later through Jeffrey Wolf Green. Her further study led to Clementine achieving a Practitioners Certificate in Deep Memory Process.

Clementine wrote a column for AANSW Orbits for many years, was also the AANSW sponsored FAA Conference speaker in 2012 and spoke again at the FAA Conference in 2016. Despite Clementine relocating to Victoria she remained an AANSW member. I knew Clementine for many years after first meeting at The Astrology Association of NSW meetings. We stayed in touch over the years meeting up at various astrological events and having in common the wish to teach astrology and encourage professionalism in the field. Clementine was the FAA Exam Board Director from 2015 -2018 and was also an APA Committee member for several years. Clementine’s encouragement and support of her students and the students completing the FAA Exams a passion for her and so many of them expressed their gratitude to her for her support. She will be missed within the astrological community.

Anita Ings