Remembering Graeme Latch
12 March 1953 – 25 August 2002

In the summer of 1980 I enrolled in an astrology course taught by Graeme Latch. In the months that followed, Graeme introduced me to a way of approaching astrological images that allowed the story of the horoscope to be viewed as a process of unfoldment rather than as a more literal tool to interpret the chart.

Graeme never reduced astrological symbols and dialogues to equations, nor did he allow his students to do so. If ever a member of the class fell into the ‘this equals that’ way of looking at astrology, Graeme swiftly deconstructed their conclusion and many times I (and I suspect the others) left the class with many more questions than could ever be answered.

It was not the first astrology class I had attended and different approaches talk to different people but Graeme’s commitment to teaching astrology as a tool for higher understanding, as a system to explore and bring meaning to our lives, to view the astrological journey as a continuing cycle of evolvement has continued to inform both my teaching and consulting practice for the past twenty years.

Graeme began his own astrological study in the mid 1970’s when he originally took classes with Maurice Silver. It wasn’t long before Graeme was headed for the United States where he met and studied with Dane Rudhyar. Here was his mentor and he found a complexity of language and thought process that inspired him. In time, he would inspire others with this same gift.

Graeme was a visionary and an idealist, sometimes a difficult combination to bring to the everyday world. It’s my understanding that Graeme was not so much a teacher of astrology; rather, he had a great gift for astrological education (education – from educaré, meaning to bring out the knowledge already present albeit unconscious).

He will be very sadly missed, by his life partner Margrit Wegat, by his family and friends and by those students who were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to study with him.

Glennys Lawton