The FAA is the national governing body made up of affiliated member associations.

Individuals who seek membership and are Australian residents may join these affiliated associations based on the state where you live .
Those residing overseas must join the FAA directly; to do so contact the FAA Treasurer.

AANSW – Astrology Association of New South Wales

Anita IngsAnita Ings
Tel – (02) 9681 6992

VAA – Victorian Astrologers Association (and Tasmania)

john ford president vaa 2020John Ford

QFA – Queensland Federation of Astrologers

Sylvia WilsonSylvia Wilson
Tel – (07) 3200 5449

FAASA – FAA South Australia

Cate WhelanCate Whelan
Tel – (08) 8557 7417

FAAWA – FAA Western Australia

Margie CrockerMargie Crocker
Tel – (08) 9272 7861

APA – Association of Professional Astrologers

Patricia ShepherdPatricia Shepherd