Remembering Cecily Bazak
August 12, 1943 – December 1, 2009

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Cecily was born in Dungog, a small country town in NSW, where she spent her early years. A small town was not quite big enough for a spirited and passionate Leo who, as Cecily told it, had a ‘little bit’ of living to do beyond a country town. She was soon off to Sydney to seek out new adventures. Cecily was an accomplished story teller and, from the stories of her early years, Cecily did manage to live life to the full, begin a career, find romance and have a family. Times were not always easy but her determination and spirit saw her through.

Even in her early years Cecily was attracted to numerology, astrology and the tarot, and became aware that she was ‘a little bit fey’ as her grandmother put it.

I met Cecily in early February 1997 when we attended the first night of our ‘official’ astrology classes as we had both enrolled to further develop our knowledge and skills. Little did I imagine that night the deep, enduring friendship that would develop between us or how strongly astrology would be our confirmed passion and where that would lead. We learnt together, laughed together and supported each other throughout our studies and beyond.

Cecily gained her Federation of Australian Astrologers Inc (FAA) Diploma in 2012 and soon afterwards she was asked to join the Astrology Association of NSW Inc (AANSW) Committee. Cecily became the AANSW Secretary and Newsletter Editor, and in 2005, a Federation of Australian Astrologers Inc National Councillor for AANSW Inc. Cecily also became a Professional Member of the (Australian) Association of Professional Astrologers and was honoured to be a Committee Member from 2005 to 2008 and Newsletter Editor from 2004–2008. Cecily was also a valued and respected co-convenor of the very successful 2008 17th FAA International Astrology Conference in Sydney. I know Cecily loved helping, enjoyed all her roles on the various Committees, and valued all her astrological friends as only a Leo can.

Cecily began to teach astrology in 2003 and enjoyed this as much as her students did. During this time she began to combine her writing talents with her astrological knowledge. In 2008 she was delighted to have an article published on beginner’s astrology in the 2009 Wellbeing Astrology Guide.

Cecily retired from her position at Westmead Hospital in late September 2009 and had hoped to enjoy turning her full attention to her writing and astrology. Sadly, the battle she had been fighting with cancer did not allow for this and she slipped peacefully and quietly away at 6pm on December 1, 2009 with her loved ones close by her side.

Cecily is missed by many within the astrological community as, like a true Leo, she attracted others to her very easily as she was warm, cheerful, generous, a great friend and a hard worker. Her contributions to AANSW and the FAA will be greatly missed, as will her presence – a sad loss to our astrological community.

A gift of true friendship is sorely missed, farewell my friend, be at peace

Anita Ings

Cecily was a very loved member of the AANSW association and a stalwart of our astrological community serving for many years on the AANSW committee, the FAA National Council, the APA committee and also as co-convenor of the 2008 FAA Conference.

Our thoughts are with her family, Anita, Greg and the AANSW committee. Cecily and along with Anita were such a wonderful support to the 2010 organising sending relevant information from the 2008 conference that saved both myself and other 2010 team members many hours of work. Cecily and I have had a bet for a number of years as to who would be the first to lose weight. Cecily won the bet and was very proud of the fact that she had. The astrological world is a little sadder now as another of our stars shines brightly from heaven.

During the recent 2010 conference in Brisbane her Astro friends remembered our dear friend Cecily and the good times that we had shared together over many years. We are very sad but very happy to have known you Cecily.

Sylvia Wilson