Remembering Fiona Targett
3 July, 1957 – 15 February, 2007

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Fiona Targett was born in Sheffield England on July 3, 1957 at 5.10 am. She migrated to Australia with her family at age 7. Her father, a chemist and later an Anglican minister, first settled his family in Adelaide and after a few years moved to Hobart.

My first impression of Fiona never changed over the 20 years that I knew her – such a wonderful and amazing person. Fiona radiated a spark and gentleness that made everyone feel comfortable in her presence. I first met Fiona in January of 1987 when she came over from Tasmania to Melbourne to attend her first meeting of the National FAA Branch representatives known as the National FAA Executive then, but is called the National FAA Council now. Fiona was my house guest for the weekend and she was such a vibrant healthy person then but one thing never changed even with health problems that followed – she was such a positive intelligent person with a genuine engaging smile.

In 1987 Fiona was Fiona Edmundson. This was before David Targett entered her life. Fiona’s first meeting of the National FAA Brach Reps was held on January 25th, 1987. Hans Heshusius was the National FAA President and I was National FAA Secretary. As stated in the official minutes, this meeting opened at 10:09 AM and closed at 11:57 PM – 14 hours that meeting went for. That was Fiona’s initiation to her first National FAA meeting of Branch Reps!!

No she did not flee in terror; she stayed on as a representative from Tasmania for several more years. At the National FAA meeting in 1989 in Sydney, Fiona was now Fiona Targett. David has been an amazing husband being so supportive and caring of Fiona. She was fortunate to have such a dedicated husband and David was blessed to have such a wonderful wife.

There are so many positive memories over the years that I have of Fiona but I thought I would concentrate on the early years. She touched so many lives in positive ways on her journey through life.

Duane Eaks

I’m sure there are many who remember Fiona Targett the Astrologer. My memories of Fiona will always be of Fiona Targett the friend and extraordinary human being she was. Even though she was nearly 20 years younger than I was, we hit it off from when we first met in Perth in 1988. She and her husband, David, very quickly became very close friends and have remained so over the last 19 years.

I had a great deal to do with Fiona professionally and came to respect her as the warm, compassionate and knowledgeable astrologer she was – but her place in my heart is because of her caring nature and courage, as she dealt with one blow after the other. She never complained. She bore a child and cared for her despite the physical problems it caused her. Even in her own pain, she was never too busy, or in too much pain to be there for anyone who needed her at any time.

My favourite memory of Fiona is one that I think encapsulates both her wonderful Cancer Sun and Leo stellium (that many tended to forget about). When I turned 50, my daughter organised a huge surprise party for me. The Targetts of course were invited, but as they lived in Tasmania, couldn’t attend. Not at all deterred by that fact, Fiona rang me five minutes before I was being picked up to go to a “family dinner”. After the usual birthday greetings, she asked me what we were doing for my birthday. I told her I was having dinner with the family, and to my surprise she asked me what I was wearing! She wanted to know whether I was wearing makeup and whether I was dressed nicely etc etc. I thought that was a little odd (but still suspected nothing about the party) and later she told me that she was really worried I would turn up to this big party in my usual jeans and T shirt. She wanted to make sure that I looked nice!

I could write so much more as the memories are flooding my mind on this very sad day. Thank you Fiona, for being my friend. There will always be a special place in my heart for Fiona Targett. I shall miss her, but I am also happy that she is now free of pain.

Chris Turner