2018 FAA Conference Speaker Demetra George

Demetra George

Demetra George, M.A. looks to classical antiquity for inspiration in her pioneering work in mythic archetypal astrology, ancient techniques and history, and translations from Greek of primary source texts. She is the author of Astrology For Yourself, Asteroid Goddesses, Mysteries of the Dark Moon, Finding Our Way Through the Dark, and Astrology and the Authentic Self. She lives in Oregon, lectures internationally, and leads pilgrimages to the sacred sites in Greece, Italy, Egypt, and India. She offers personal astrological consultations and mentors individual students in all levels of astrological education.

Website: www.demetrageorge.com


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The Good and Evil Daimon: A Traditional Approach to the 11th and 12th Houses

The ancient philosophic concept of the daimon as a semi-divine being in the spirit realm stood behind the naming of the 11th and 12th houses where the great mythic kings of the gods Jupiter and Saturn had their joys. This talk will explore these ideas of the ancient philosophers and mythographers as they informed the Hellenistic and Medieval techniques that delineate the topics of friend and enemies regarding the realization of one’s hopes and dreams.

Astrology, Divination and the Oracle Speakers

Divination comes from the Latin words which mean to foretell the future by means of spiritual agencies. Astrology, as both a science and art, draws the inspiration that informs the astrologer from the lineage of ancient prophets and oracle-speakers. This image rich presentation will document the history and practices of the historic Sibyls and oracular priestess from Asia Minor, Greece, and Italy who were the predecessors of astrological divination (non-technical).

Who Buried Sex? The Archaeology of Astrology

Journey through time into the fundamental meanings of astrological symbols by sifting through the artifacts buried in the texts at various levels of historical eras. Discover how some of the basic meanings survive unchanged, some are lost, others adapted and transformed, and still others innovated which then become part of the tradition that is passed on. Unearth when and how sex meandered from the 5th to the 7th and finally into the 8th house of death. Join Demetra for an insightful inquiry into the reconstruction of our tradition.

Hellenistic Aspects and Trauma

Hellenistic astrologers enumerated seven kinds of aspect configurations that were indicative of severe planetary maltreatment. How can modern astrologers utilize this doctrine to identify sources of trauma in a person’s life, either from past lives, unconscious childhood memories, or painful adult experiences? How can an astrologer assess if the condition can be healed on its own with time, needs specialized therapeutic assistance, or remains as a core wound in the psyche?

Pre-Conference Workshop

Hellenistic Time Lords

Date: Thursday, January 18, 2018
Time: 10.00 am

Look into the forecasting toolbox of ancient astrologers and discover a host of lost timing techniques. An introduction to determining the various times in life when certain topics such as children or marriage will become activated through the use of circumambulations through the bounds, planetary periods, ascensional times of the signs, zodiacal releasing, and annual profections in conjunction with the solar return. Demetra will present an example where all the techniques, each using different factors, pinpoint the same pivotal event.