2020 FAA Conference Speaker Kerry Galea

2020 faa astrology conference speaker kerry galea

Kerry Galea, Astrologer and Palmist, loves the Earth and gardening and publishes the Ancient Moon Gardening Calendar.

She holds a Diploma in Applied Astrology from Astro*Synthesis, a Diploma of Astrology from the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) and is a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers (APA). She also has the Practitioners Diploma of Medieval Astrology from AstroLogos, and a Certificate in Palmistry (ICP UK).

She worked as a Medical Scientist and trained as a teacher and now enjoys working with clients and lecturing on the subjects dear to her heart.

Website: https://kerrygalea.com.au/


Beyond the 4th towards Sacred Earth

This presentation inspires a journey into the personal connection to Mother Nature and Sacred Earth via our 4th house. With Uranus in Taurus, it is timely to awaken our connection to the Earth, to respect her and to find personal connections to the wood-wide-web which connects everything that grows. This connection to Earth is already well known in environmental and earth sciences and our 4th house reveals the way we personally connect to this Earth network. During the presentation I will look at well-known charts for signatures of this Earth connection as well as your own horoscope signatures of belonging.