2020 FAA Conference Speaker Veronica Chlap

2020 faa astrology conference speaker veronica chlap

Veronica began her astrological studies in the mid 90s by studying with Doris Greaves at the Regulus Ebertin School of Astrology in Canberra, obtaining her Diploma of Astrology in 1999. She was active in the Canberra Astrology Group, along with notable astrologer Roderick Kidston.

In 2001, she relocated to Brisbane and joined the QFA, where she was the Acrux editor for a number of years. Veronica also ran a website for twelve years offering online astrological counselling.

She is currently the QFA President.


The Web’s Journey: from Creation to Ubiquity

The first Web browser was created in 1991 when Uranus was approaching a conjunction to Neptune in Capricorn. How did this conjunction influence the Web’s future growth and development during the 90s? The great Saturn–Pluto opposition of 2001–02 triggered the commercialisation of the Web, tech giants and later the rise of social media. The set of Uranus–Pluto squares saw the emergence of controversial trends, with cyber crime and bullying at a peak. With the Saturn–Pluto conjunction in Capricorn my lecture examines the Web’s journey – how it became ubiquitous and how we overlooked our privacy along the way – and offers a brief look into its future.