2020 FAA Conference Speaker Wade Caves

2020 faa astrology conference speaker wade caves

Wade Caves is an astrological consultant and educator specialising in horary, electional and classical astrological techniques. He was certified with honours from the Mayo School of Astrology and has expert knowledge of traditional and modern psychological methods of chart delineation. Wade’s passion is in understanding the origins of astrological symbolism – finding reliable ways to put this information to practical use in consultation. He is the editor and annotator of the 300th anniversary edition of William Lilly’s History of His Life and Times (Rubedo Press, 2015), and teaches for the School of Traditional Astrology (STA).

Email: hello@wadecaves.com
Website: https://wadecaves.com/

Pre-Conference Workshop

Traditional Natal Astrology for Today

Learning how to interpret a birth chart using traditional texts can be tricky. Often the delineations feel causal and mechanical, leaving the student with the daunting task of sussing out the underlying principle. In this workshop, find a solid foundation in traditional natal astrology that is more compatible with modern living. Together we will explore: planetary placements by sign and house, the traditional approach to determining the ‘mind and manners’ of the native, temperament and its uses in personality analysis and anticipation of disease, synastry with partners and children, and more. Source notes and references will be provided for further study. Bring your own chart – there will be opportunity to explore our own natal themes in the practicum session of this workshop.


Jupiter – Saturn/ Conjunctions in Air: A Look Forward

Every twenty years, the two superior planets Saturn and Jupiter reunite in the sky. They do so in the same triplicity for several consecutive conjunctions, such that we experience this pair coming together in the same element for 200+ years. In 2020, Saturn and Jupiter leave the Earth triplicity for Air. Taking a brief survey of how the transitions have been experienced over the centuries, what might we learn about Jupiter – Saturn conjunctions in Air signs to better prepare ourselves and coming generations for the promises and battles of this age? This talk is suitable for all levels, from novice to professional.

The Solar Principle and Interpretations of Planetary Phase

Astrologers often ruminate on the nature of lunar phases, but all planets undergo the process of increase and decline in their synodic cycle with the Sun. A planet’s relationship to the Sun reflects the natural lifecycle we experience in the world around us, enriched with symbolic images of conception, birth, growth and maturation, death and ultimately, rebirth. Through phase’s influence on a planet’s speed, brilliance and motion, the working astrologer is able to glean physical, practical and psychological descriptions for use in consultation. Together, let’s uncover the key principles of phase and see them applied in a variety of contexts.

Healing with Horary Astrology

Horary, the branch which best reflects astrology’s divinatory nature, requires three things: a sincere dilemma or situation that needs resolving; the sincere and meaningful intent of a questioner; and an astrologer who consents to acting as the intermediary between heaven and earth. Fluent horary interpretations demand a fair deal of creative freedom, but how can this be with a technique bearing a reputation for being rules-based? Is horary truly about rules or is something deeper, more profound at work? Come explore what it really means to be a horary astrologer: knowledge, certainly, but also a healthy dose of creativity.